Faroe Islands Hiking

Best social distancing travel destinations 2023

Optimism for travel is slowly increasing. We can allow ourselves to consider turning our dreams into reality and at the same time be cautious. The way we travel might change, and careful consideration of where it is safe to go will be important when choosing a travel destination.

Traveling to quiet, sometimes remote locations- away from big crowds is our speciality and something we have proudly promoted for years prior to the pandemic.

We can offer a range of holidays that fit into this category, and we are more than happy to help tailor a package to work for you and your needs.


For Scandinavian wellness, peace and remoteness, Arctic Bath in Sweden is a great option. Located just south of the arctic circle where you can experience the midnight sun in summer and northern lights in winter, it is the perfect hide-away in natural, sustainable cabins or suites.
The spa and wellness area draws inspiration from the surrounding elements and offer a holistic approach to their treatments. And you can’t miss the open-air cold bath- it will revitalise you from the inside out. In addition, Arctic Bath offers a range of activities- many that can be done privately or in very small groups, which will suit anyone looking for a holiday away from crowds.


Our 8 days independent visit to the mountains, fjords and valleys of Norway is another great option for a travel bubble in Scandinavia. A private 50 Degrees North minibus will take you around in a very small group and there is no need to mix with others outside this group. Alternatively, the bus can be chartered for your family and or friend groups, and if you prefer- the trip can be tailored to stay away from large crowds if this is one of your requirements.Norway Unsplash waterfall red house


Characterised by a sense of peace, seclusion and restfulness, Lyngen Lodge is surrounded by the Lyngen Alps that dominate the skyline of the area. It is located on the banks of the Lyngen fjord offering amazing panoramas and stunning views.
During the summer, the long days of sunshine provide the chance to go hiking, peaceful whale watching, fishing, glacier hike and experience the local wildlife. At the luxurious comfort of the lodge you can relax, have an exquisite dinner and drinks or simply soak up the atmosphere.


No shops, no cars, no stress- get a detox from the modern world’s hustle and bustle and visit the Arctic Sanctuary by the Sea. On this 3 days remote Norwegian tour, you get a chance to enjoy the sanctuary all by yourselves with no interference. The tranquil silence will let you enjoy the midnight sun and magnificent island scenery and wish you never have to leave.
After your stay, continue your travels to the Lofoten islands or along the Helgeland coast.


Stay in a cabin on your own island sanctuary in the Swedish lake and farming district. Our 5 days Private Island Swedish Retreat will give you a chance to explore small towns, forests and lakes in your own time. This holiday is about the silence, remoteness and traditions surrounding rural Sweden and can be arranged any time of the year.


In Finland you can experience the endless summer days in your own beautiful villa by stunning Lake Saimaa. Laze around on your private verandah, explore close-by forest trails, pick some berries or try your luck fishing. If you want to venture further afield, optional guided activities such as canoeing, fishing or cycling are available.


Perched in the North Atlantic Ocean, only a short flight from mainland Europe, the jagged cliffs of the Faroe Islands will take your breath away. Tall mountains, narrow fjords, steep cliffs, this is a true adventure destination. Not necessarily for the active nature of a visit, but for the feeling of remoteness and isolation. Be ready for some highspeed adventures and fun outdoor activities on our 5-day Faroe Islands tour 5-day Faroe Islands tour.

For more information on great spots to travel social distancing in Scandinavia and Finland, check out our website.

Image credits: Arctic Bath - Anders Blomqvist, VisitSweden.