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Border Requirements for entry into the Nordic Region

Border Requirements for entering the Nordic Region

Norway in a Nutshell® & Norway tours

The Flåm Railway - how to include it into your Norway itinerary
Norway in a Nutshell® Tour - which fjord tour will suit you
Oslo Bergen Railway - logistics and highlights of this journey
Guide to exploring Oslo's vibrant restaurants and bars
Pre and Post Cruise Extentions Norway

Northern Lights

Best Time for Northern Lights
Northern Lights Tours - FAQ on how to see the Northern Lights
Iceland Northern Lights Tours

White Christmas, Winter Experiences and Glass Igloos

White Christmas Finland - traditions and celebrations
Lapland Christmas Holidays - an explanation of our range of Christmas tours
Finland's Glass Igloos - our guide to Kakslauttanen
Unique Sami experiences in Sweden - how to visit Jokkmokk Market
Picking a Scandinavian Christmas Market to visit
NEW - Top 10 Ice, Snow and Glass Igloo Hotels


Guide to sleeping at the ICEHOTEL
ICEHOTEL Sweden - restaurant and entertainment guide

Scandinavia & Nordic tours

Important information about Scandinavian holidays, hotels and service
Our favourite places to eat across Scandinavia
Scandinavian Festival and Event Guide
Our guide to berry picking on your Scandinavian holiday
Books to read before you travel to our region
Scandinavian Escorted Winter Group Tour explained
Cycling in Scandinavia - FAQ on where to go and how to include cycing in your tour
Scandinavian Tours - connecting the capitals together
Active Holiday Suggestions in the Nordic Region
Suggestions and ways to travel to the North in Autumn
Things to do in Copenhagen
Things to do in Stockholm
Slow down and relax with our Wellness holiday highlights in Scandinavia


Hurtigruten Cruises FAQ - all you need to know about your voyage
Hurtigruten Handy hints about embarking and disembarking
Hurtigruten Fleet, cabins and technical details
Hurtigruten Cruises - guide to the seasonal voyage highlights
Hurtigruten Guide to the Northern Lights voyages
Hurtigruten Dining Guide

Havila Cruises

Havila Fleet, cabins and technical details

Schedule and Deckplan for 2022

Arctic Voyages & Polar Bears in Norway

Polar Bears in Norway
Comprehensive guide to cruising in the Arctic
Arctic Cruising - FAQ on what to expect each day

Travelling with Children

Things to see and do with Kids in Helsinki
Helsinki Airport Layover entertainment for children

Iceland tours

Iceland Tours - general ideas of self-drive routing and tour options
Pre and Post Cruise Extentions Iceland

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