The twelve-day journey takes in 34 different ports, and you sail through narrow fjords and open seas, past sheer cliffs and weather-beaten islets. Each day brings new ports and excursions, all managed on a tightly controlled schedule as the ships service the Norwegian coast and it's people. Along with travellers, these ships drop off mail and fresh produce, hardware and amazon deliveries.

People settled along the coast to be close to the sea and its rich fishing grounds. The sea has been a source of food and income for thousands of years. Havila Voyages' coastal cruise is firmly rooted in this traditional coastal culture. Our ancestors have always sailed up and down the coast. Now you can be part of this voyage.

Havila 2023 Deckplans

Havila Capella Deckplan below - each new ship with Havila Coastal Voyages will have the same deckplan. If you would like to see the cabin descriptions, please see our Havila Fleet information page. Download the deckplan here for a closer look.
Havila Deckplan 2022

Havila Beverages and Meals

Please read here for the Havila beverage and meal menu. You can also purchase a beverage and tea/coffee or a non-alcoholic drinks package.

The beverage packages from Havila are unit-based, and you can choose between three different packages that you buy in advance or on board. The drink packages consist of either 30, 50 or 70 glasses/units. These can be used at all restaurants on board the ship, and the range is adapted to fit the menus in the restaurants. Current prices as of Feb 2022 below.

Beverage Costs

The coffee & tea deal offers free coffee & tea in our restaurants and bars on board during our opening hours and at our self service machines. Cannot decide? It is also sold on board at a higher price - Roundtrip Tea & Coffee package 1345 NOK and North- or Southbound 875 NOK (as of Feb 2022).

The tea & coffee package is included in the Havila Gold package. There is also a non-alcoholic Beverage Packages, price on request.

Meals are included in our packages but snack food and other cafe options are detailed in the menu above.
Havila Capella

Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 3.41.26 pm

Image credits: Kolbjørn Hoseth Larssen and Oclin Torstein Sperstad