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Lyngen Alps

The Lyngen Alps combine striking mountain backdrops with crystal clear fjords.

Lyngen Lodge sits in a natural forest clearing above a fjord with a striking mountain backdrop. High in the Arctic Circle, it's remote, beautiful and peaceful. The Lodge complements rather than offends the nature around it by using a traditional Norwegian "lafting" pine timber frame with a thick grass roof, which also insulates the property.

Fast boats can transport you directly to the snow, where you can ski down from spectacular summits to snow-covered beaches, potentially basking in the midnight sun if you're there in May. Or if you're there in January or February, you can gasp at the northern lights.

Tour Standard

Northern Lights Stay at Lyngen Lodge

5 days - Mountain Lodge and winter adventures under the Northern Lights

  • Premium
  • Norway
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Lyngen Lodge Spring and Summer

Tromsø & Lyngen Alps - summer

7 days - Independent tour enjoying a luxurious lodge in the Norwegian mountains.

  • Yoga and Wellness
  • Norway
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Lyngen Lodge, Norway
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