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A vibrant village with a conspicuous Sámi and Lapp presence.

Located in Northern Lapland, Saariselkä is a versatile tourist centre and lively village. The bustling, touristy village of Saariselkä (Sámi: Suolocielgi), 250km north of the Arctic Circle, is more resort than community, as it's basically a collection of enormous hotels and holiday cottages, but it's a great spot to get active. It’s a major winter destination for Christmassy experiences, sled safaris and skiing, and in summer it serves as the main base for trekkers heading into the awesome Saariselkä Wilderness.

Saariselkä has retained its Sámi and Lapp heritage and their traditions and livelihood still play an important part in the inhabitants' daily lives.

It is also the Northernmost Ski Resort in Europe with two mountains. In summer, the Saariselkä lift and slopes are open for cyclists.


Take your team to the home of the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun to combine arctic energy with relaxing moments. Saariselkä is the northernmost holiday resort in the world, 260 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, and one of the oldest ski resorts in Finland, well-known for its high quality services.

Saariselkä has five high seasons: summer, autumn colour, first snow, Christmas/mid-winter and the spring skiing season. Eight hotels, 10 activities companies, 29 restaurants and a variety of shops make sure all needs are catered for.


Activities include both cross-country and downhill skiing, dog sled tours, reindeer rides, snowmobile safaris, snowshoeing and a score of other snow-based activities. Outside the snowy seasons, gold panning, trekking, hiking and fishing are popular pastimes.

The region around Saariselkä is a hub for the indigenous Sámi culture of Lapland. In the village of Inari, an hour north from Saariselkä, lies Siida, a centre for congresses, Arctic nature and Sámi culture that is well worth a visit.

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