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Which ‘Norway In A Nutshell’ Suits You?

Dreaming of exploring Scandinavian fairy-tale landscapes of blue fjords, fields covered in wildflowers, majestic mountains and steep waterfalls?

Dreaming of exploring Scandinavian fairy-tale landscapes of blue fjords, fields covered in wildflowers, majestic mountains and steep waterfalls? There’s no better place to do it than Norway; the home of stunning fjords, dramatic coastlines, mountains, historic homesteads and hotels.

The famous ‘Norway in a Nutshell’® railway journey is the perfect way to experience all of the above. If you are short on time, did you know you can choose from 3 wonderfully scenic short tour-options? If you can linger longer, our complete range of Norwegian fjord tours include stays in historic fjord hotels, unique farm lodges & much more.

Read on to find your perfect ‘Nutshell’-rail journey fit:

Sognefjord in a Nutshell ®

Do you want to spend time on Norway’s longest fjord in all her glory, experiencing her breathtaking scenery throughout a 5-hour ferry-ride surrounded by mountains and hills, before arriving in Bergen, the beautiful historic town on Norway’s west-coast? Then Sognefjord in a Nutshell is the tour for you. The tour starts in either in Norway’s capital Oslo or in Bergen with a scenic train-ride towards Flaam (Flåm), followed by an afternoon ferry-ride on, with it’s 200 kilometres, the 2nd longest fjord in the world: the Sognefjord. You’ll arrive in Bergen by the evening. We highly recommend doing this trip in summer where the light of the midnight sun allows you to enjoy the views until you disembark in Bergen at 9 PM.

Hardangerfjord in a Nutshell ®

Do the thoughts of Norwegian orchards, waterfalls and majestic mountains get you excited? Want to learn more about Norwegian nature, climate and ecology while you’re taking in the sights? Then the Hardangerfjord in a Nutshell is for you. Travel by rail from Bergen or Oslo to Voss, followed by bus to Ulvik, then a ferry- and bus-ride towards Bergen. This journey covers a lot of interesting ground: With its fertile soil and impressive vistas, experience the fruit-trees in the charming little town of Ulvik followed by a boat-ride to Norway’s biggest waterfall, the Voringfossen. Enjoy an educational visit to the interactive Hardangervidda Nature Centre. You’ll finish the trip with a boat-trip to Nordheimsund, a gorgeous little town on the edge of the fjord, before catching the bus back to Bergen.

Norway in a Nutshell ®

Do you believe that a legendary classic is the only way to truly explore Norway’s raw yet idyllic beauty? Do you want to feel the excitement of climbing hairpin-bends by bus and sheer awe on the narrow UNESCO-protected Naeroyfjord? Then the classic Norway in a Nutshell is the perfect journey for you. There’s a reason this is one of the most popular tourist-attractions in Norway. Famous for incredible mountain- and fjord-views, it’s no wonder ‘Norway in a Nutshell’ is considered one of the most spectacular scenic rail-journeys in Europe. Enjoy the striking Bergen and Flåm railways, a fjord-cruise on the famous Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord and an exhilarant bus-drive up the steep and windy Stalheimskleiva (May- September). Often considered the most magnificent and romantic way to travel between Oslo and Bergen, this is a railway-journey not to be missed.

Maps of the Fjord Norway region:

Norway in a Nutshell Map

To help understand how these tours work: these two maps narrow in to the region that hosts these classic Norway tours.

Looking at the specific map below, Flåm is the purple star - the yellow markers indicate the ‘Sognefjord in a Nutshell’ route, the green markers indicate the ‘Hardangerfjord in a__Nutshell’ route and the blue cameras indicate the 'straight to Bergen' ‘Norway in a Nutshell’ route. The cyclist indicates Myrdal, the starting point of the fantastic downhill cycling route that follows the Flåmsbana train journey down to Flåm.

Norway in a Nutshell explanation map
Want more?

Make the most of your Nutshell railway-journey by adding a night or two along the way. We can help you with anything from booking accommodation in gorgeous historic hotels or family-friendly apartments, to organising activities like hiking, kayaking or fjord safaris. The contrast between busy cities and the quieter pace in the countryside adds variety to your Norwegian holiday. Our complete range of Norwegian Fjord tours can be found here

Image credits: Fjord Norway, © Terje Rakke / Nordic Life AS / and Paul Edmundson.