Nordic Food Tours

Gourmet food tours in each of the Nordic capitals opens the door to the fabulous local food culture.

Nordic cuisine could be considered one of the most innovative: they have a food manifesto, which outlines their commitment to the production and consumption of traditional food products and Denmark even boasts the top spot in 'The World's 50 Best Restaurants list' with Copenhagen's NOMA.

We offer guided food and culture tours in all of the Nordic capitals: a perfect addition to your Scandinavian tailor-made holiday. Typically these tours are several hours long and visit the markets, local cafes and well-known suppliers. Guided by local food experts, the highlight of these tours is, of course, the opportunity to enjoy lots of samples! As you stroll through the streets with your guide, the history and culture of the town will be told through stories.

Guided food tours run in Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, St. Petersburg, Reykjavik and Copenhagen. We can also arrange private tours and in St. Petersburg, cooking classes. If you are looking for some suggestions about where to dine on our tours, be sure to check with our Nordic Destination Specialists.

We have a ready made tailor-made itinerary which includes three guided food tours in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo. Our Nordic Capitals Gourmet trip is a 10 day tour, allowing you to indulge in an independent tour of the charming Nordic capitals; Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo & Bergen with a focus on foodie experiences. This is an all-encompassing itinerary offering a variation of traditional culture, breathtaking scenery and modern city life.