Baltic Herring Festival

Helsinki Baltic Herring Festival

Finish off the Autumn food festivals with the Helsinki Herring Festival.

This is a bit of a niche festival but it’s an ancient tradition in Helsinki - organised since 1743. Every October fishermen bring their small boats to the wharf at the city’s Market Square to sell their catch. All about the square you’ll find plenty of herring prepared in a variety of ways, as well as quirky Finnish food stuffs such as black archipelago bread. The fair activities include a competition for the best herring dish, a filleting race and a race of traditional sailing ships.

There are pop up restaurants such as Siisti Silakka and a lot of serious Baltic Sea seminars during the week. On the final Saturday, the Old Market Hall catches the market fever; you can taste chocolate herring and potatoes as well as islander bread, and see demonstrations of fish handling skills and expertise. The oyster bistro will be focusing on Baltic herring.Herring Festival, Eetu Ahanen

Old Traditional sailing boats arrive on this day; Olga, Vivan, Albanus, Joanna Saturna and Valborg sharing Islander-style delicacies and tales of sailing on the traditional sailing boats.

And, of course, a sauna caravan Rentola is heating up on the Market Square and you can share this local experience.

This event takes place at the Market Square for a long week, each October.

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Herring Festival, Eetu Ahanen

Image: Visit Finland, photographer: Marita Haukemaa and Visit Helsinki, Eetu Ahanen