Idyllic mountain village in Norway

Geilo is plum centre of the Oslo to Bergen Train line and is a centre in the municipality of Hol in Norway, in the valley of Hallingdal, with around 2300 inhabitants. Geilo is the first skiing resort in the country, and it is still one of the largest. It is also famous for having some of the most luxurious and expensive holiday cabins in Norway.

Geilo is primarily a ski resort town, but also offers summer activities. Geilo is in a valley with mountain ranges on each side. The centre of the town lies at 800 metres above sea level, and its highest point is 1178 metres above sea level. It is 250 km from Oslo and 260 km from Bergen.

Geilo have long winters the season lasts from the begining of November til the end of April. Being at Geilo in the winter is about exploration and activities. Experience skiing with the view of the national park Hallingskarvet on perfectly groomed slopes, or take loved ones for a sleigh ride, try cross country skiing, or stay indoors and enjoy a log on the fire. Geilo is a sustainable destination and a national park village. Situated between the two national parks, Hallingskarvet and Hardangervidda.

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