Baltic Sea Fleet

All Scandinavian and Baltic nations border to a sea and we are proud of our seafaring heritage. Daytime and overnight ferries are an excellent way to connect between coastal cities. The ferries are modern, clean and well equipped vessels. A voyage is a trouble-free way to connect between coastal cities, offering fantastic sceneries to picturesque archipelagos before finally arriving in your destination, often right in the middle of the main attractions.

Travelling between Finland-Sweden, Estonia-Finland, Estonia-Sweden and Latvia-Sweden, the ferry line we use is Tallink Silja Line. They are comfortable, offer many different classes and cabins, have great buffets and will drop you off right in the centre of town.

With the most modern fleet operating in the Baltic Sea today, Tallink Silja offers a variety of short cruises on all our routes which include Stockholm-Helsinki, Stockholm-Turku, Helsinki-Tallinn, Stockholm-Tallinn and Stockholm-Riga. You can also do short day cruises to Åland island from both Stockholm and Turku.