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Finnsnes - Fisheries and agriculture add character to this small town in sheltered waters south of Tromsø.

Finnsnes is a small town located in the municipality of Lenvik in Troms county, Norway. The town is located on the mainland part of Norway, across the Gisundet strait from the island of Senja. Hurtigruten ships stop in this small harbour town.

Every summer, the community prepares for the one-week summer festival, aiming to put Finnsnes on the map. The central park offers the rare attraction of a natural lake within it. Fishing and agriculture is still important, and fish farming is of increasing economic importance. Several small boroughs surround Finnsnes, forming one large urban area. It is an important hub for transportation both on land and sea. Tromsø and Harstad can be reached within a little more than an hour by speedboat.

There are several attractions in Finnsnes and for tourists this is the reference point when sightseeing in the region. Finnsnes has become known as the Gateway to Senja - also known as the island of adventure, and "miniature Norway" with mountains and fjords, small communities, hospitality and go-ahead spirit - and all kinds of weather.

The scenery in Senja and Central Troms is full of contrasts, with the midnight sun and the northern lights, depending on the season. The distance from the coast to “raw” mountain peaks is short and is an ideal combination for those who participate in winter activities.

Close by Finnsnes, is the Polar Park, the northernmost zoo in the world. You can get an encounter with “the big four”: Wolf, wolverine, bear and lynx – in addition to several other creatures from the northern forests and the treeless tundra.

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