Visit the Salmon


  • Cross the Brønnøysund Bridge
  • Learn about modern salmon fishing
  • Try out an underwater camera
  • Enjoy a taste of fresh salmon

Norway is one of the world’s major exporters of fish and seafood. Norwegian seafood is consumed daily by about 37 million people worldwide. The cool, clear waters along Norway´s northern coastline provide optimal conditions for sustainable and responsible aquaculture. This excursion starts with a short bus tour around the coastal town of Brønnøysund before we cross the city´s magnificent bridge and continue to the Norwegian Aquaculture Centre in Toft.

Here you learn about modern aquaculture and the natural environment around the aquaculture facility. Find out about fish development and the technologies necessary to raise fish from an egg to finished product, and see how salmon and cod live at a demonstration fish farm at the centre. You can even take part in feeding the fish. You can also try using an underwater camera in an interactive exhibit at the fish farm, and taste freshly harvested salmon.


  • Disembarking port: Brønnøysund
  • Embarking port: Brønnøysund
  • Southbound or Northbound: Southbound
  • Approximate arrival/departure times: 15:45 - 17:00
  • Available period: 01 April - 31 October
  • Transportation: Bus
  • Clothes/Footwear: Comfortable shoes, warm clothing