Western Fjords tour

Western Fjords Tour in Norway

This new tour from Bergen to Trondheim visits remote coastal villages, stays in a historic hotel with the opulence and grandeur of the past and gives you fjord experiences away from the crowds.

After reading about our tour in the L.A Times Travel section, two of our guests, Blaine and Eito, embarked on our minivan tour of the Western Fjords of Norway. This tour started in Bergen and travelled via the coast and then through the Nordfjords to Ålesund. Enjoy their first-hand report and private images of the highlights of this tour.

Day 1 & 2: Bergen

8/30 (Fri) & 8/31 (Sat) Rain, wind, and occasional sunshine

We arrived in Bergen a little after 3:00pm from Oslo via Bergen Railways. It was raining, and the station was congested with many tourists who needed a taxi ride. The Clarion Admiral was a short taxi ride, and located conveniently for all activities. Our room had a partial view of the water and the end of Bryggen. Despite the rain we headed to Floybanen Funicular. Mt Floyen View Point was foggy, rainy and windy, but we were able to view central Bergen.

The dinner at Enhjorningen made our first day very special. Our room was comfortable with a comfy bed. The breakfasts for two days were sumptuous with a beautiful view.

On the following morning we tried again to go up to Mt. Floyen View Point. It was much better than the previous day. After the breakfast we took a bus tour to Edvard Grieg's Troldhaugen. We like Grieg's music, and it was our dream to visit his museum. The tour included a stroll around his house and a 30-minute piano concert. It made our day.

IMG 5113IMG 0520

Day 3: Ferry along the coast

9/01 (Sun) Cloudy and rain

After check-out we had ample time to visit KODE Museum before the ferry ride to Kal Vag. There, we discovered an artist, Nicolai Astrup. His motif, usage of colours were so strikingly beautiful. We enjoyed our visit very much.

At 4:30pm our ferry left on time. Fjords were grey due to heavy rain. Before arriving at Floro, it got very bumpy and rough. Even though Eiko had taken a motion sickness medicine, it didn't work. We saw a beautiful rainbow in the dark sky in Floro. Afterword it was a smooth ride. At Smorhamn dock our host, Sev, was waiting for us. Kal Vag was just the image of picturesque Norway what we had imagined! Sev was a great and charming host, and a historian of Kal Vag. Our room at the Knutholmen was new, clean, and spacious. We slept well. We loved this place very much. Too bad that our one-night stay was too short. Since the late arrival it would have been nice if we had some time before 10:30am pick up the following morning. If we didn't leave on schedule, we wouldn't have arrived before evening at Alexandra Hotel. So, we understand the time schedule.

IMG 0736

Day 4 & 5: Minivan tour of Nordfjord

9/02 (Mon) and 9/03 (Tue) Cloudy, rain, and occasional sunshine

On the way to Loen we stopped at Sagastad Viking Museum. It was very interesting to learn the life and history of Viking and its people. Another stop at the Nordfjord Folk Museum. Our young guide, Eric, was very informative. At this historical place, we were able to get a glimpse of Norwegian people's life and culture during that era.

IMG 5341 IMG 5327

It was an amazing stay at the Alexandra Hotel! Unforgettable experience. A historical hotel with opulence and grandeur of its past. We were upgraded to a spacious room with views of the Fjord and Loen Sky Lift. The surface of the fjord changed from minutes to minutes. Grey, silver, grey blue, and a partial emerald green. We never got tired of watching it.

Dinners and breakfasts were amazing. Our table was saved for us during our stay. It reminded us of a by-gone era of elegance.

IMG 0970 IMG 0935P1140859

After breakfast we headed to the Kjenndalen Valley and Glacier. The Fjord was emerald green! The ride to the Glacier was beautiful. We saw many waterfalls on the way and at the Glacier. It was a short walk to the Glacier, but we stopped many times to take pictures.

IMG 3965
Austor gave us enough time for the Loen Sky Lift. The weather was foggy and rainy, but the sky cleared briefly. We had a short walk in the thick fog. Arctic wildflowers, moss, lichen, and plants. Despite the weather condition we enjoyed our walk. We were also able to see the Fjord between the dense fog and clouds.

IMG 0813IMG 0848IMG 5465

See images of our van and driver for this tour.

P1140724 P1140723

Day 6 & 7: Loen to Ålesund by minivan

9/04 (Wed) and 9/05 (Thus) Cloudy, rain, occasional sunshine, and no wind

On the way to Alesund we had a wonderful lunch at the Hotel Union in Oye. What an elegant hotel with a glorious history! We were able to see it before lunch. The lunch, steamed cod with tasty vegetables, was delicious. The cod was prepared just perfectly.


After enjoying our tour, we arrived at the Hotel Brosundet safely. Austor was a very good driver. We enjoyed his company. Our room had an attic feeling with the street view. It was comfortable with enough space. Its convenient location was a walking distance to museums and attractions. Breakfasts and suppers were simple with a small menu. They were light, but more than adequate for a good meal. The kettle in the room for tea and coffee was helpful, too. It was a different experience, but we enjoyed it. Our two-night stay in Alesund gave us enough time to visit main attractions without hustle and bustle.

P1150327IMG 5666

Thanks to your tour, we had a very memorable and unforgettable trip to Norway. We wish your company's continued endeavor and success. Hopefully, we'll be able to take another tour with your company. This minivan tour of the Western Fjords of Norway has been changed for 2024 to this escorted version - Scenic Fjords of Norway.