Our favourite winter adventures in Scandinavia

Take adventure up a notch with some of these more unusual winter adventures in the Nordic region.

Our team here at 50 Degrees North have their favourites when it comes to winter adventures in Scandinavia and Finland. Have you tried any of these yet?

Fat-biking on snow in Swedish Forests:

Ready to take your winter adventure up a notch?  In Lapland, you can ride fat-bikes through the forestry landscape and across the lakes during your stay. After getting expert advice on ice conditions and few insider tips for riding a bike on the snow, head out into the nature for some serious FUN.

Hot air ballooning over the Swedish Lapland Forests:

New for 2021, you can soar high above the Lapland winter forests in a hot air balloon. Either day or night flights can be arranged, short tethered flights or extended adventures.

Lapland Ballooning Aurora Safari

Northern Lights viewing from a Jacuzzi in the Lyngen Alps

When is a Jacuzzi not just your typical warm & bubbling soak but one of the best experiences of your life? When it's on the veranda beside a luxury lodge, located near the banks of a Norwegian fjord and overlooking a most spectacular mountain range. When looking above, the Northern Lights are dancing across the sky. This is when a Jacuzzi dip becomes an extraordinary experience. It's all about location, location, location!

Other fantastic experiences organised for you during your stay include Dogsledding, Ice Fishing, Snowmobiles and Snow Shoe walks. Included lunches such as salmon soup & hotdogs cooked and heated on the open campfire are a highlight!

Pour the champagne & step into the Jacuzzi on our New Years in the Lyngen Alps.

Cabin to Cabin Ski Touring

Lillehammer in Norway- the host for the Winter 1994 Olympics, and the home of our 50 Degrees North office in Norway, is a dream destination for any outdoor lover. Five family-friendly ski resorts and hundreds of kilometers of cross-country skiing tracks take you off the beaten path, if you want so, and guarantee that there is always something active to do in this region in the winter.

And once you know the tracks around town, it is only couple of hours drive to the national parks of Jotunheimen or Rondane, where the possibilities for a quick day trip or multi-day “cabin to cabin” ski adventure in the wilderness are endless. What’s best though is that there are so many activities where you can take the kids along, whether it is skiing, sledding or just passing the day by building snowmen until enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in a cozy mountain or town cafe.

Independent tailor made ski programs via our Nordic office.

Ice driving in Finland

Discover your inner rally driver in Finland at four-time Rally World Championship winner, Juha Kankkunen's winter driving circuit. You will learn to control your car like a true rally champion during your visit - well, perhaps not, but you will certainly have a blast!

Ice driving and Ice Go Karting opportunities are scattered across Finland - ask one of our Finnish destination specialists if you want to include this activity into your itinerary.

Fly the wind tunnel on your 'Norway in a Nutshell' Winter tour

Fly like Superman in a wind tunnel! Learn to fly in Scandinavia's first wind tunnel, a new attraction that you can visit during your 'Norway in a Nutshell' visit to Voss. 3 minutes in the wind tunnel corresponds to 4 free fall skydiving jumps!

Hold onto your britches on the Norway in a Nutshell + Winter tour.

Image credits: Bike Life in Sweden, Graham Austick - Lyngen Lodge, Voss Wind tunnel & Juha Kankkunen's winter driving circuit. Lapland Ballooning credit: Fredrik Broman