Iceland Adventure Holiday

Our Destination Specialist, Minna snorkelled, hiked, floated & drove her way around Iceland - this is her trip!

Iceland is fast becoming the new hub for adventure and extreme thrills. Helicopter rides over volcanoes, river rafting, snorkelling between continental rifts; glacier walking and horse riding are just some of the incredible activities on offer for the Adventure traveller. Our Destination Specialist, Minna recently sampled these thrills and our new trip, Active Iceland, is the conclusion of her time.

Heading out into the countryside from the word 'go', the self-drive itinerary explores southeast Iceland in depth. Hand picked farm stays, all included activities and your own car will ensure your make the most of your time in the land of fire and ice. Visiting the Golden circle region, watch geysers puff their super heated water and gas into the air, waterfalls thunder over staggering cliffs and huge mountains brood threateningly over tiny little farm houses.

Iceland Hot Chocolate

At any stage and around any corner, you can stop to discover something new - find ancient lava flows covered with strange coloured moss, forests full of dwarf trees stunted by the constant wind (the joke is that if you get lost in an Icelandic forest, you should just stand up!) and mysterious rock mounds beside the road with no explanation. This tiny country is full of quirky moments and strange places and they will very quickly turn your trip there into something unique and wonderful. So, pick up some self-warming coffee in a can and be mesmerised by the empty roads and the haunting music on the radio.

As well as driving through southern Iceland, another highlight of your Active Iceland tour is snorkelling in Silfra, one of Iceland's best-kept secrets. Iceland straddles the rift between the Eurasian and North American continental plates and you can see the rift for yourself on this snorkelling trip. Once you are enchased in a dry suit, (the temperature of the water is around 2 degrees), float on the lake's surface, peering into the depths through pristine water that takes twenty years to filter down from a glacier through volcanic ash. By the time it reaches Silfra, the water is so transparent that people have been known to get vertigo as they hover on the surface, floating as if on air over the fissure below. Combined with Leiðarendi caving, this day is one massive big adventure of a lifetime.

Not to mention, Icelandic horse riding across the fields, snowmobiling, glacier walking & climbing plus the obligatory hot springs visits filling this trip up to the brim. Available throughout the year, you can add midnight golf during summer or Northern Lights viewing in winter

Get ready to be completely inspired by the wild and glorious Iceland.