Farm Holidays in Norway

Get the feel of Norway away from the city life and explore it’s quieter farm side.

Among the glaciers and mountain lakes or beside the fjords of Norway, there are wonderful farms, which open their doors to visitors. With our range of Self Drive and Farm Stays we utilise these amazing farms, allowing you to escape the summer crowds and see the gentler side of Norway. Your tour will combine farm stays with other accommodation types such as historic lodges & boutique fjord hotels so that you enjoy the best of everything Norway has to offer.

Many of the farms we use have heritage buildings on the property, some dating back from medieval times. Several of the farms have museums attached to them - a little like 'Historical societies' preserving the traditions of ancient farming practices in Norway. An example of this is
Norde Ekre Farm Stay with a lovely farm shop and collection of traditional wooden farm buildings.

Not just for families:

Our farm holidays are designed not just with families in mind but also for those travellers who like the finer things in life. Norwegians pay particular importance to good living; mindful & quiet moments, organic food (økologisk) and healthy living. Breakfasts are a highlight in Norway and you will be sure to enjoy the farm offerings. Farms such as Sygard Toft serve eggs fresh from their chickens, organic berries and salads. Quite a few of the farms have extensive gardens to wander and cafes/farm products that sell to the passing traffic. You can expect your breakfast table to be on the sunniest side of the house and you are encouraged to linger over the morning coffee.

Several of our farm stays have well known restaurants attached to them such as Store Ringheim Restaurant and Hotell. Menus are based on local traditions. The produce served at these restaurants tend to be either from the farm or sourced by local suppliers. The fish which is served is from the mountain lakes, game is hunted locally or supplied by local breeders and herbs are grown in the farm's own gardens.

Activities on offer on farm holidays:

There are many activities on a farm, besides taking care of the animals. Horse riding, fishing, biking, hiking and boat trips are often offered. 

Some of our hotels are situated alongside beautiful rivers - you can fish from the patio in Brimiland or fly fish near the Gloppen Hotel.

Fjord stay hotels such as Fjærland Fjordstove Hotel can be combined with the classic fjord activities Norway is famous for - ferry trips, glacier visits, hikes, swimming and boating.

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