Scandinavian trip review, Robyn, August 2015

October 4th 2015

“Hi Alice,

Shelley and I have been home for a week now and slowly recovering from our fantastic Scandinavian trip. The rocking sensation from all the boat travel has finally ceased.

Your meticulous organisation meant that all aspects of our trip went smoothly and without problems with one small exception, which was beyond your control.

On arrival in Stockholm we attempted to get our Stockholm card at the airport train station. Apparently they had changed a couple of weeks earlier and no longer issued them there so we were directed to Central City station. Once again we were told they no longer sold city cards so we would have to go to the Information centre where we finally managed to exchange our voucher. As we had confidently opted to use public transport or walk rather than catch taxis we had unexpected exercise dragging luggage along. We really appreciated the comfort of the hotel with its lovely balcony when we finally got there.

All other aspects of the trip were brilliant. We were very grateful for your wisdom in booking us into the business class lounge for the trip to Tallinn as neither of us had any concept of the size of the ferry and the huge numbers of people who used it.

The choices of hotels while of a higher standard than we would have chosen normally provided us with safe and very comfortable accommodation and breakfasts. It was also an interesting mix of different hotel atmospheres. The central locations were also great and allowed us to get maximum use of our sightseeing time. On our first night in Helsinki we were fortunate enough to be given a room update at no extra cost. Staff in all hotels were very helpful.

It was almost like we had taken Queensland weather with us as we experienced only one or two days with light rain or overcast skies. This meant we could use every bit of time sightseeing.

The Gota Canal trip was a journey into another era. We would suggest that you make it very clear to potential travellers that the cabins on the canal boats are very, very, very tiny. Ours had space only for the two bunks and a washbasin. The space between the bunks was less than 30 cm wide so one of us would need to back out of the room if the other wanted to move in or out or get dressed. Our luggage needed to be stowed, as there was insufficient space to slide it under the bunks. Only small packs would fit. After the initial shock and as little time was spent in our cabin we adjusted but were very grateful when we reached Gothenburg and a full sized room.

We were repeatedly awed and impressed by the natural beauty of the environment and the way it is respected and cared for as well as the historical sites and buildings and the stories about them and also the warmth and friendly helpfulness of people everywhere.

It really was the holiday of a lifetime for me and I would like to thank you for the huge part you played in making sure that all aspects of our trip went smoothly. Other travellers along the way were most impressed with the attention that had been paid to detail by your planning.

Thank you once again