Scandinavian Adventure tour review, Olya and Serge December 2014

February 1st 2015

"We're back! :-) And wanted to express our sincerest and warmest thanks to you, Taru and the extended team at 50 Degrees North for the outstanding service you provided us through your expert advice and support which made it possible for us to enjoy the very best Scandinavian Adventure we could have ever hoped for!

As we mentioned before venturing on our trip, from our initial contact we've had a fantastic experience with the team at 50 Degrees North; our trip really was the culmination of months and months of careful planning and coordination which wouldn't have been made possible without your dedication and hard work which made it possible for us to enjoy and create so many amazing memories which will stay with us forever!

We are sincerely grateful for how seemingly easy every step of our 4 week journey was planned by you; from the minute we boarded our plane in Melbourne to the time we arrived back home every single aspect of our journey was so meticulously well planned and orchestrated right from information pack, plane tickets, pickups, drop-offs, hotels, tours, vouchers, etc it was such a breeze to travel this way and it took the hassle out of traveling for such a long time across so many places with minimal time wastage which gave us so much more time to enjoy the wonderful sights and sounds we were so eager to see and experience.

It was lovely to have the opportunity to meet Taru in Kakslauttanen also, she is such a lovely person and did a fantastic job ensuring everyone was well looked after and there were no issues with our activities and overall schedule; it was also here on Christmas Eve that we first saw the Northern Lights and they were even more spectacular than we had ever hoped for, dancing in the night for a very long time was absolutely stunning and we had the same luck over Christmas Day and Boxing Day also, apparently it coincided with a large solar storm which spanned right across large parts of the Finnish Lapland which made the -33 degrees well worth the freeze, no doubt Santa had something to do with it!

It was also great to see how you have developed a wonderful relationship with the local operators at every stop, as they all spoke of 50 Degrees North very highly and were very accommodating and attentive during our stay.

We really can't speak highly enough about the great experience we've had with you throughout our trip and we are definitely looking forward to reaching out to you for your support with planning a summer adventure in the near future."