Nordic Countries and Volga Dream Russia tour review, Helene July 2014

August 31st 2014

"Just a note to let you know I am home safe and well after my sojourn in the Nordic countries and the cruise on the Volga Dream.

It was a great experience, I enjoyed all the Scandinavian countries, swimming at night in the fiords, good hotels, great food.

Russian Tours

All the connections worked well, no hiccups until the last leg when my luggage did not arrive in Melbourne but turned up a day or so later.

Russia was interesting, more freedom of speech than I expected, surprised at how the Russians have returned and are embracing the church again, St. Petersberg was not disappointing, was ab

le to get tickets for the Opera (very good) and ballet (disappointing). The cruise was good, not all the different nationalities mixed well but the local guid

es were all great, English excellent, knowledge of art, history etc was excellent.

Many thanks for your advice and organising a wonderful holiday,

P.S. We had a month of sublime weather - virtually a northern heatwave for the entire time, suited me well altho' I did pack woollen jumpers and long sleeve cotton layers none of which was used."