Kakslauttanen, Iceland and Hurtigruten Norway tour review, Lynne April 2017

April 29th 2017

"Hi Mari and Henna,

Well, what a trip! The itinerary worked like a well oiled machine and we easily managed plane, train and bus connections. Excursions were also confirmed. In Iceland for one excursion there was only the 2 of us, so we had a relaxed, personalised time visiting waterfalls and hiking on the glacier.

There were so many highlights! For me, the time in Kaukslattenen was magic - the Northern Lights danced, the weather was beautiful and I really enjoyed my time there. Of course, I also loved the geothermal spas in Iceland, the cities were all beautiful to wander around and the Norwegian coastal towns were amazing. Walking on a glacier on a volcano in Iceland was also rather cool.Reviews Winter Holiday

Our time on the Hurtigruten confirmed that we are land people, not sea people. Thankfully the open sea crossings only lasted 2 hours per stretch. The food was lovely (what we could eat) and the sights, but we were rather glad to reach Kirkenes. Unfortunately they had to cancel the North Cape excursion due to an avalanche across the road - my one disappointment, which obviously could not be helped.

We adjusted to the cold reasonably well and went out exploring every day - rain, snow, sleet or shine. We also managed to find herbal tea everywhere we went - even if it was a cup of hot water and a tea bag. We also took a thermos with us which proved invaluable in the few hotel rooms we couldn't get a kettle, as well as to warm us up during a day of exploring.

The ice hockey was great - we were exhausted after the day of travelling but the home team won and the atmosphere was such fun to be a part of. We also found the World Figure Skating championships in Helsinki and while we couldn't get tickets to the finals, we went to the exhibition on the Sunday and saw many of the top 6 in action.

All in all, we had a wonderful time with some incredible memories. Thank you for working with us to put together this experience.