Iceland and Greenland tour review, David and Jane July 2014

October 5th 2014

"Jane and I wanted to thank you very much for all your advice and assistance to plan and book our July visit to Iceland and Greenland. We had a wonderful and unforgettable time. Iceland and Greenland are so very different - we are really pleased that we decided to add Greenland to the wedding trip to Iceland. Friends have asked what the highlight was - I just say it was all great. We were lucky with fabulous weather in Greenland except one night of rain on the ferry and rain on the last day when we were walking back to the boat from Igaliko. Probably one of the highlights was the two days at Eqi where we had continuous sunshine and such fabulous views. And the upgrade to the comfort hut there was certainly well worth the extra cost. The highlight in Iceland was the day we took a super-jeep trip up to Eyjafjallajokull - hiked the last hour from the jeep parked on ice to the top of the 2010 eruption cone, where the rocks are still hot! It was a beautiful sunny day so we had fantastic 360 views - one of the few sunny days we had in Iceland - so very lucky!"