'Beautiful Norway' Group Tour Reviews

September 14th 2018

We invited a New Zealand travel journalist, Tim Warrington along on one of our July 2018 'Beautiful Norway' departures, with the hop-on, hop-off minibus which travels to areas away from the main well-trodden tourist route of Norway. The group was made up of three different nationalities, singles and couples who along with a quirky Norwegian bus driver got along famously. As well as taking some great photos as he travelled, Tim also collected some feedback on the trip. Remembering that there is no guide on this tour, this is what his fellow travellers had to say:

"There's a saying about 'the journey not the destination'. 'Beautiful Norway' epitomises that ... and what a journey!"

"It's the best of both worlds. It's touring without really being on a tour, so all the minor details are taken care of, allowing you the freedom to get on and enjoy the holiday."

"We were a little reluctant to join a tour group, but it has allowed us to see so much more of Norway than we ever could have independently."

"You're given the freedom to be as independent as you like really, but we had such an amazing group we chose to hang out. Beautiful Norway attracts such a great bunch of travellers, it was a joy to spend time with our fellow travellers - the trip just went so smoothly."

"As an independent, first-time traveller, Beautiful Norway has ticked all the boxes. I'm already planning my next trip with 50 Degrees North."

"The crew at 50 Degrees made the whole booking progress hassle free. We've thoroughly enjoyed ourselves."

"'Beautiful Norway' I mean really ... what else can you call it? Just stunning."

We are super proud of the magic we have created with our 'Beautiful Norway' tour and we hope you can join one of these groups in 2019. See the 'Beautiful Norway' tour here.

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