Group travel to Scandinavia for senior solo travellers

Opening up Scandinavia to the solo traveller - read our range of suggested tours.

Opening up Scandinavia to the solo senior traveller - read our range of suggested tours.

Small Group Journeys in Scandinavia

A small group journey is a clever way for single travellers to experience Northern Europe, whether you’re venturing to the region for the first time or are a return visitor. We have a wide range of small group tours, which cater for a solo senior traveller. Our suggestions are the Iceland group tours and the 50 Degrees North exclusive group tours such as the Chase the Lights. For more adventurous senior travellers, or the Norwegian treks - small groups of 6 - 8 people walking hut-to-hut in the lovely Norwegian forests and mountains.

50 Degrees North also offers the 8-day Independent tour, 'Beautiful Norway' . Designed and exclusively operated by the company, this tour takes visitors to the heart of the destination’s iconic sites and experiences, with added value and attention to details. Special features of this tour are the exclusive transfers aboard a private mini-bus, offering superior comfort and flexibility for impromptu food or photographic stops. The tour also offers overnight stays in some of the country’s finest boutique hotels, in true and authentic Norwegian fashion.

The Beautiful Norway mini-bus takes independent travellers to lesser-known places through the quiet mountain area in the east, past Norway’s highest peak, Galdhøpiggen. The journey then continues along the superb mountain pass routes of Sognefjellsveien and Aurlandsfjellet.

These spectacular areas steer visitors away from large crowds, combining high mountains and rugged terrain with the inner reaches of the captivating and world-renowned Sognefjord. To top it off, the tour also includes a side trip to Geiranger, visiting a remarkable medieval Stave Church full of wood and mythical dragons.

There are now several more mini-van tours that link with the Beautiful Norway tour, criss crossing across Norway, all the way up to the North. See our range of minivan tours here.

“We put of a lot of thought into each of our itineraries” says Tietse Stelma, 50 Degrees North’s co-founder. “We shy away from crowds and the typical itineraries that often end up rushed and congested”, added Stelma.

Escorted Scandinavian Coach tours

Our escorted coach tours offer great inclusions and the very highest standard of service, accommodation and guiding far above what is often offered in a standard coach tour package. Group sizes vary depending on season and location, generally around 24 - 30 participants.

This tour has extra inclusions that have been purposely built into the itinerary to encourage group members to get to know each other; such as welcome and farewell drinks. Extra sightseeing and upgraded single rooms are also included in this special single traveller tour.

Kystruten Norwegian Coastal Voyages

Our Destination Specialists often have to do their research trips alone so can offer you suggestions about travelling Solo in Scandinavia, Iceland, Finland, Mongolia, Norway and Russia.