Lush pine forests, architecturally rich cities and towns, Teutonic castles, beautiful sandy beaches, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and a hidden culinary gem. No doubt you will love the middle child of the Baltics!

Bustling Riga, with its pumping nightlife, cobbled streets and marvellous art-nouveau architecture is one of Eastern Europe's most fun cities. Away from the capital, the pace slows. Historic villages, miles from anywhere, sit frozen in time. Despite growing popularity, Latvia is still one of those places where you can embrace the unbeaten path and become an intrepid adventurer exploring virgin terrain.


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Treasures of the Baltic States

10 days - Independent premium tour, including private transfers and boutique accommodation

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  • Lithuania
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
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Chang Sun, Estonia

Beautiful Baltic States

7 days - Independent tour from Tallinn to Vilnius with three day tours

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  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
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As part of visiting other Baltic countries, our Baltic capitals Independent tour will let you discover the Old Town of Riga. With a private guide escorting you around cobble stone streets dating back to the 13th-15th centuries you will enjoy this beautiful and ancient Hanseatic city.

For a true taste of all that Latvia has to offer, take our independent Treasures of the Baltic States tour through Estonia, then into Latvia and Lithuania. While enjoying the spa culture and nature, also take time to learn a little about these countries' fascinating history and transition from times under the Russian monarchy to independence and their acceptance of the European Union.

Alternatively go on the independent Beautiful Baltic States tour package offering all the highlights, with private guided tours of the capitals, private airport transfers and luxury bus/mini-bus transfers between countries.