Virtuoso Agent Training Webinars

Agent Training Webinars

We are proud to share bite-sized, practical 30-minute training webinars for you to discover our incredible destinations and experiences.


MINI-COACH, HAVILA AND SMALL GROUP TOURS EXPLAINED: presented by Tietse Stelma, CEO and co-founder. Watch this webinar below using this link here

Destination Webinar

EUROPEAN ARCTIC - Summer & Autumn in the European Arctic – Lapland, Sámi, Svalbard & early Northern Lights presented by Satu Vänskä-Westgarth. Watch here

LAPLAND CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE NORDIC CITIES - Christmas Holidays across Scandinavia, including capital cities and add ons - presented by Mari Räsänen, 50 Degrees North’s General Manager, Melbourne. Watch here

ESTONIA, GREENLAND, FINLAND & NORWAY - Wellness & Slow Holidays in Scandinavia by Satu Vänskä-Westgarth. Watch here

SCANDINAVIA - Active Holidays in Scandinavia by Tietse Stelma, 50 Degrees North's CEO and Norwegian co-founder. Watch here

SCANDINAVIA - Fly & Drive Programs in Scandinavia with our Nordic Manager, Satu Vänskä-Westgarth. Watch here

ICELAND - Secluded and Private with our Nordic Manager, Satu Vänskä-Westgarth. Watch here

FAROE ISLANDS - Learn about the Faroe Islands with our Nordic Manager, Satu Vänskä-Westgarth. Watch here

FINNISH LAPLAND - Join Mari Räsänen as she brings to life our escorted Christmas in Lapland tours. Watch here

NORWAY UPDATE - Presented by the 50 Degrees North CEO and Norwegian co-founder, Tietse Stelma.Watch here

NORTHERN LIGHTS - Norwegian Destination Specialist Camilla Dahle describes 50DN’s escorted multi-country Lapland Circle tour in detail. Watch here

SWEDEN HIGHLIGHTS - Swedish Destination Specialist Anna Hård gives practical tips and insights regarding travel itineraries in her home country of Sweden. Watch here

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Marketing material

You can download some of our most recent flyers below. If you would like any custom made material, facebook tiles, images or flyers, with your logo, please contact us.

Experience the Northern Lights 2024/2025 USD

Experience the Northern Lights 2024/2025 AUD

Lapland Highlights Escorted 2024/2025 USD

Lapland Highlights Escorted 2024/2025 AUD

Beautiful Norway Independent 2024 USD

Beautiful Norway Independent 2024 AUD

Best of Norway Escorted 2024 USD

Best of Norway Escorted 2024 AUD

Scenic Fjords of Norway Escorted 2024 USD

Scenic Fjords of Norway Escorted 2024 AUD

Bergen to Copenhagen Escorted 2024 USD

Bergen to Copenhagen Escorted 2024 AUD

Scandinavian Capitals and Fjords Escorted 2024 USD

Scandinavian Capitals and Fjords Escorted 2024 AUD


Sneafellsness and Golden Circle Self drive in Iceland

Lofoten Culinary Week in Norway with Virtuoso Logo

Norway self-drive by Design and History with Virtuoso Logo

More available, with or without Virtuoso Logo.

50 Degrees North Unique Selling Points
  • 50 Degrees North employs staff from more than one Nordic country, which means we offer in-depth specialist knowledge of each destination.
  • We aim higher than most of our competitors with regards to quality and uniqueness of our itineraries. E.g. we have run photography tours, Nordic food tours, design and architecture tours, etc.
  • We are the “affordable” high end and boutique choice for the Nordic region. If you have top end luxury clients, please contact our Luxury Division.
  • We give honest advice in regards to our product, local conditions and what clients can expect. We will not sell a product that we don't believe is right for your client just to secure a sale.
  • Rather than trying to sell everything, we have created strong relationships with a handful of local suppliers including properties (boutique hotels, lodges, castles, manor houses) and activity providers. This means our rates are good, and our clients are often given preferential service. We avoid chain hotels where possible.
  • We keep updated on local conditions and product, and our staff travels to our destinations on a regular basis.
  • Our staff has many years experience in the travel industry, with a great contact network, giving us access to product and services that is not readily available through ordinary channels.
  • When possible, we will look for the unique experience for your clients rather than the traditional and well-trodden choice.
Your Benefits From Us

We believe that our specially crafted tours in unique destinations will deliver your clients benefits and experiences that cannot be measured in money. After their trip your clients will most likely share with excitement stories about their first encounter with a Polar Bear or Moose in the Nordic Wilderness, the night they spent in a glass igloo under the Northern Lights or the sailing trip they took under the Midnight Sun -  a room upgrade, free lunch or late check-out might not get a mention.