Faroe Islands


Well known for its sea stacks, a small Faroe Island village.

Vestmanna (Danish: Vestmannahavn) is a town in the Faroe Islands on the west of the island of Streymoy. It was formerly a ferry port, until an undersea tunnel was built from Vágar to Kvívík and Stykkið. The village is about a half an hours drive from Torshavn, the main town, and Vagar, the only airport in the Faroes.

It’s best known for the Vestmannabjørgini, steep cliffs north of town that are home to thousands of seabirds, including puffins, fulmars and guillemots. Boats depart from the town’s harbor to navigate the narrow straits and grottoes between the rock faces.

If you love fishing, you can head out during summer on charter boats or rent a boat yourself.

In recent time new discoveries of Viking remains have been made in Vestmanna. These support the theory that Vestmanna has been one of the first places in the Faroes to be settled. Even the name Vestmanna suggests that "men from west" used to live here. These men were Irish monks that are believed to be the first humans ever to settle in the Faroe Islands more than 1000 years ago.

At the Saga Museum, wax figures tell the history of the Faroe Islands since settlement.

It is surrounded by the mountains of Hægstafjall (296 m/971 ft), Økslin (317 m/1,040 ft), Loysingafjall (639 m/2,096 ft), Moskurfjall (624 m/2,047 ft).

It has a population of 1,256 inhabitants.

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