Rondvassbu Lodge


Rondvassbu lies in the middle of the Rondane with tempting peaks in all directions.

The lodge is located at the south end of Rondevatnet lake. Svartnuten peak towers behind the lodge, and behind it lie a string of peaks - Vinjeronden, Storronden and the highest of them all, Rondslottet (2178 m).

Rondvassbu is the largest DNT lodge in Rondane. It was built in 1903 and bought by DNT in 1929. Since then, it has been expanded and remodelled several times.

Hike choices: Rondane offers many fine summit trips. With Rondvassbu as a base, you can take day hikes to many 2000 metre peaks. Moreover, Ronvassbu is a natural overnight stop on a round tour through Rondane.

Facilities: The lodge has 128 bunks, in two-bunk and four-bunk rooms and a dormitory. All bunks have duvets and pillows with covers. Please use your own hut sack. You can also put the duvet aside and sleep in your own sleeping bag. Hut sacks and bedclothes also are available for rent at the reception desk.

In the main building, there's hot and cold water, and the lodge has a diesel generator (220vVAC). Nonetheless, it's wise to have a torch in your pack, because the generator is turned off around 23.00 in the evening. Privies, showers and a drying room are located in a separate building.

Ronvassbu has a serving licence for beer and wine.

Seasons: Rondvassbu is staffed at Easter and in summer. In the off season during the rest of the year, it offers self-service lodging with 12 bunks, available by using the DNT cabin key. NOTE: Each year, both the staffed lodge and the self-service quarters are closed from 1 May to 10 June, the wild reindeer calving season.

The lodge doesn't accept regular guests in high season (until the end of August) or on weekends in September. Extended stays of two days or more at midweek may be booked directly at the lodge in season In off season, contact the hosts to book stays. The lodge sometimes is overbooked. Nonetheless, all who arrive will have a place to sleep.

Summer access: You can drive to Otta (E6). Just south of Otta, take the county road to the northwest to Mysuseter. At Mysuseter, pay as you pass the toll road barrier, drive on to Tjønnbakken and onward to the carpark at Spranget. You can also take a train or bus to Otta and a bus onward to Spranget. From Spranget, it's about a six kilometre hike along a closed toll road to Rondvassbu (about 1.5 hours). You also can book a taxi from Otta by calling 61230501 or maxi-taxi mobile 90903024.

Winter access: By car, turn off E6 just south of Otta (Sel kommune) to Mysuseter, where you can park at Letruds Parkering (NOK 30 per day). from where from around 1 March through Easter, there's a 11 km staked route to the lodge. 1. The first two kilometers up Tjønnbakken are quite steep. The rest of the track is in easy terrain. The tour takes three to four hours, depending on your fitness and size of your pack.

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