Snowcastle of Kemi

The SnowCastle of Kemi by the Gulf of Bothnia in Finland is the source of great pride as well as a true showcase of architectonic snow-work of the local constructors. Every winter, the SnowCastle offers wonderful experiences for both children and adults alike.

Great light effects will add charm of the snow and ice-sculpting as well as to the structures about the SnowCastle. The SnowRestaurant, SnowChapel and SnowHotel are all situated in the SnowCastle area in Kemi Inner harbour, only 1 km from the city centre.

What started out as a novelty – why not spend a night sleeping in a hotel made of snow – now forms a tradition, not to mention a huge tourist event, drawing about 100,000 visitors each year. About 1,500 of them stay overnight in the Snow Hotel.

The year-round SnowExperience365 snow and ice experience is now also available all year round.