Image courtesy of Priori Art & Restaurant

Priori Art & Restaurant

The restaurant’s open kitchen is highly modern, boasting also open fire – a grill on which most of Art Priori’s artistic dishes receive their final touch. The latest Nordic food trends are followed with the focus primarily on fresh seasonal produce; herbs are grown on the spot and half of the menu consists of vegetarian dishes. The most important aspect is the healthy and harmonious combination of all ingredients on the plate. The kitchen is inspired by pure flavours and the best qualities of each product.

The thee dining halls of Art Prior exhibit valuable original art from the past as well as from the present, and offer intellectual and aesthetic experiences to go with the delicious food. The open kitchen of Art Prior is very modern and inspired by the elegance and authentic taste of each ingredient. This, in turn, is presented creatively and boldly.
Olevimägi 7, Tallinn