Image courtesy of Palkin


Classic Russian restaurant set in an old palace with a piano player and crazy gothic lights. Well known for some dishes - such as the Crepes Suzette, Borscht and Strognoff. Good Russian food with the old world ambience. Be sure to book if you are keen to go.

Palkin is as historic as they come, dating all the way back to 1785. Although restoration did take place, the interior is as sophisticated and tasteful as it was in Imperial times, which adds to the feeling that you are being treated to a meal in some rich aristocrat's home. The menu is bursting with luxurious foie gras, angus beef, truffles, black caviar and game moulded into historic French/Russian recipes from a bygone era. They also offer a seasonal five-course special menu with specially selected wines, themed around a different wine-growing region of the world.

Trip Advisor notes "This is one of the best restaurants in St. Petersburg good value for your money, adequate but not overpriced, diverse menu, with gourmet Russian mix menu"