Aabrekk Gard

Aabrekk Gard dates back to the 1700 and is located in Oldedalen in Stryn County, not far from the famous Briksdalsbreen (glacier). The valley and farm is surrounded by high mountains, blue glaciers and wild waterfalls.

Aabrekke Gard has accommodation in double rooms or cabins dated back to the 1700 and 1800, newly renovated. At the farm they sell their own produce, such as the traditional sweet “lefse” and “flatbrød” and also “Geitost” (brown goat cheese), honey, “saft”(drink made from local berries) and freshly baked bread.
At Aabrekk Gard you really get a sense of slow living and old Norwegian traditions and farm life.

Feature image: Visit Norway, Jordbru Barum