71 Nyhavn Hotel

71 Nyhavn Hotel

Your home in Copenhagen

The two beautiful preserved warehouses which house the 71 Nyhavn Hotel have been landmarks for visitors to Nyhavn for centuries.

The warehouses were originally used to store spices from the Far East and although the old beams of Pomeranian pine remain the building's chief characteristic, the 71 Nyhavn Hotel is a state-of-the-art four-star hotel with everything that implies in terms of comfort. The hotel offers 150 inviting rooms.

Treat yourself to a meal of market-fresh seasonal cuisine in the hotel's critically-acclaimed gourmet restaurant, Pakhuskælderen or the new south east Asian gourmet restaurant, SEA.

The 71 Nyhavn Hotel has a reputation for making the guests feel welcome and treating them with warmth, consideration and individual attention.