11C Kristiansund & the Atlantic Road

The Atlantic Road


  • Join one of the most amazing road trips in the world over the eight bridges of the Atlantic Road
  • Admire the picturesque landscape
  • One of Norways most visited tourist destinations
  • See some of Molde and Kristiansund town

The Atlantic Road zigzags and leaps across several small islands on eight low bridges that are built directly above and along the edge of the North Atlantic Ocean. The 8.2 kilometre journey passes through stunning coastal landscape and has not surprisingly become one of Norway’s most visited tourist destinations. We start our trip with a short sightseeing tour of the small city Kristiansund before continuing to the island of Averøy.

Here, we visit Kvernes Stave Church, believed built in the first part of the 13th century. Afterwards, we visit a local tavern where we tuck into the specialty of the house, “bacalao”, made from the region´s famous klippfisk´ (dried cod) and other local ingredients. We then proceed along the Atlantic Road to Norway´s City of Roses´, Molde, famous for its annual international jazz festival in July. We conclude our excursion with a short sightseeing tour of Molde before re-boarding a Norwegian Coastal Voyage.


  • Disembarking port: Kristiansund
  • Embarking port: Molde
  • Southbound or Northbound: Southbound
  • Approximate arrival/departure times: 16:45 - 21:20
  • Available period: 11 April - 10 September
  • Transportation: Bus
  • Meals on the trip: Bacalao, bread, caramel pudding, coffee/tea
  • Clothes/Footwear: Comfortable shoes, warm clothing
  • Note: Not available on 17.05 (Norway’s national day)