Best time to travel in Norway

The seasons of Norway offer a varied experience so think carefully about when you want to go. You can get a completely different experience of the same trip depending on if you do the trip in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter.

Trying to decide when to travel to Norway? When is the best time to go? In our guide you can work out why you would choose one season over another. As Norway is a year-round destination, the best time to visit Norway depends on what you want to see and do as well as what your expectations are.


• Three seasons of diversity in one journey
• The melting snow creates natural waterfalls everywhere
• Breathtaking mountains
• Bird migrations and wildlife awakening
• The fjords are in full bloom
• Spring skiing
• Fabulous seafood such as Lyngenfjord fresh shrimps
• May 17th National Norwegian Day celebrations

May 17 Shutterstock - Tamara Lopes. - Norwegian 17th May

Norway tours in Spring:

Spring arrives early in Southern Norway compared to the rest of the country. Spring flowers are starting to appear- usually some time in April. Trees are budding and the days start to get a little warmer. If you head to Hardangerfjord in May you will not regret it as the fruit trees are in blossom and it is truly magical.

Norwegian Coastal Voyages in Spring:

A spring voyage provides more excursion options than any other season. That’s because in the spring you can experience three seasons in one journey travelling from a spring and summer climate in the south to full winter in the north, where you can participate in our winter excursions. It’s no wonder why this is a Norwegian’s favourite travel season. Plus, the locals know that only the spring itinerary visits the stunning Lyngenfjord, surrounded by majestic mountains and the sight of millions of migrating birds that return to the Arctic Coast during the spring.


• Long days that give you ‘extra’ hours in the day
• Active adventures such as kayaking, hiking and trekking
• Midnight sun
• Fjords
• Warmest time of the year
• Most sites and attractions are open
• Music festivals are plentiful
• Whale watching
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Norway tours in Summer:

June to August promise long days which give you more time in the day to go sailing, hiking or crusing no matter how late or early it is. Of course seeing the Midnight Sun at Lyngen Lodge in summer is just an added bonus of a trip north of the Arctic Circle.

See some of the best things to do in Norway in the summer here.

Norway Coastal Voyages in Summer:

Summer shows pristine and green Norway at its Midnight Sun finest with long days and literally hours of spectacular sunset skies. The intense extended daylight above the Arctic Circle lasts around the clock, giving you more than enough time to discover the beautiful coastline. You can participate in action-filled adventures under the Midnight Sun, such as our whale watching safari, RIB adventures or the Sea Eagle Safari. The feature fjord for summer is Geirangerfjord but you’ll find many other hidden fjords missed by the big ship cruises.

Atlantic Highway Norway


• Less tourists-Summer crowds are gone
• Colourful
• Nights are getting dark, chance for Northern Lights and starry skies
• Crab season- if you like seafood!
• Berry and mushroom season
Berries in Scandinavia

Autumn tours in Norway

Autumn is colourful, crisp and cozy. The nights begin to get dark again and you can possibly see the Northern lights without freezing to death.

Norwegian coastal voyages in Autumn:

Our autumn program includes a visit to the amazing Hjørundfjord, Norway’s local pick for autumn fjord sights. Autumn is harvest time and brings a bounty of local flavours on board, like the famous orange cloudberries. You’ll get closer to the cultural life, old traditions and local people during this time.

Norway SS20


• Your chance to explore untamed Norway
• The best opportunity to witness the Aurora Borealis
• See live king crabs caught from the Barents Sea
• Witness the pristine Arctic Polar night skies
• Winter activities such as skiing and snowmobiling

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Norway tours in Winter

Winter is a great time to visit Norway. See mountains covered in snow and experience the Northern Lights. Winter activities such as husky sledding, king crab fishing and snowmobile safari are often hightlights. The Kirkenes Winter Experience can be combined with a coastal voyage or done independently.

Norwegian Coast Voyages in Winter:

Winter is perhaps the most special time to explore the wild and untamed Norwegian scenery. The landscape is snow-covered and you will always be on the hunt for the Northern Lights. Join various memorable Polar expeditions like a husky sled adventure or a snowmobile trip through a frozen landscape with beautiful views of the Arctic wilderness. This adventure will definitely satisfy your “bucket list.”

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Images: Shutterstock, Piotr Krzeslak, Aurland Photo.