White Nights Russia

Spend summer in St Petersburg

Lively, romantic and bustling with people from dawn till dusk - that is what St Petersburg summer is made of.

Lively, friendly, romantic and bustling with people from dawn till dusk - that is what a St Petersburg summer is made of. We have gathered the city's summer highlights for you.

White Summer Nights are Full of Life

No other major European city can rival the White Night experience nor the atmosphere on the streets of St. Petersburg during the summer months (May - July). During the summer months the White Nights Festival takes hold of the city with music and dance performances arranged all around the city.

Best Summer Restaurants in St. Petersburg

St Petersburg dining scene is a mixture of traditional restaurants recreating the atmosphere of Imperial Russia and modern, trendy establishments appealing to the new generation of affluent Russians. Which are the best summer restaurants or which Russian dishes you can not miss, take a closer look.

Dinner with a view in Terrassa. Located on the top floor of an office centre next to Kazan Cathedral, the restaurant is one of the best places for open-air dining. The menu is a trendy mixture of Japanese, Italian, French, South-East Asian, and traditional Russian cuisine.

Russian Cuisine in Russian Vodka Room No 1. This popular restaurant was opened in 2008 and is ever since the only restaurant of Russian cuisine where you can taste the dishes from different historical periods and over 200 kinds of Russian vodka.

Russian summer season ‘must try’ food delights

Blini - Russian pancakes are a crepe-like favorite for any meal. The blini usually come with a filling – anything from sweet berry jams and condensed milk to mushrooms, meats and caviar.

Borscht - beet soup which also includes a meat-based broth, tomatoes, celery, onion, butter, carrot, and dill. Always garnished with a spoon full of sour cream.

Pelmeny - a meat-filled, paper-thin dumpling.

Beef Stroganoff - Russian-style stroganoff begins with thinly sliced strips of fillet tossed in flour, placed on a bed of diced onions and mushrooms and allowed to cook over medium heat without stirring. The dish is always accompanied with mashed potatoes and garnished with dill.

Piroski - a bun stuffed with a variety of ingredients, from fruits and jams to cabbage, meat, and vegetables.

Morozhenoe - Russians take their ice-cream making very seriously, and delicious, creamy Russian morozhenoe becomes ubiquitous in mid-summer.

Best Place for the Sunset Drinks

Sip champagne and see the city on a canal boat. A canal trip is a wonderful way to get into the city and enjoy evening entertainment: music, food, across the waters. We can organise these for you before you travel.

The signature tradition of the White Nights: watching the spectacle of the massive Neva River bridges heaving apart.

The panoramic Bellevue restaurant, located on the ninth floor of the Kempsinki hotel, re-opened its doors. The new interiors of the iconic panoramic restaurant on the 22 Moika Embankment preserve key advantages: a stunning and unique view of Palace Square and the majestic Hermitage, 120 seats, three open terraces with a view of 360 degrees to the heart of St. Petersburg.

Best Summer Market - Kuznechny Market

Housed in a charming 1920s neoclassical building, Kuznechny Market has the reputation of selling the best meat, fruit and vegetables in St. Petersburg. This atmospheric market offers rows overflowing with fresh produce and the opportunity to try goods before you purchase. Photo: RIWalt / Flickr

Spend a Sunny Day in Summer Gardens

Pack your picnic bag and enjoy the garden atmosphere. The Summer Garden is located where the Fontanka River flows out of the Neva River. The Garden is home to marble statues acquired from Europe especially for Russia's new capital, as well as rare flowers, plants and numerous fountains.

Dress up and Enjoy a Russian Ballet

St. Petersburg is a city of theaters. Many of St. Petersburg's theaters have a long history and fine traditions such as, for example: the Mariinsky Theatre, the Musorgsky Opera and Ballet Theatre. Bear in mind that when visiting the opera, ballet, or concert halls, it is standard practice to dress up. For small theaters and workshops, on the other hand, everyday dress is quite acceptable.

You can pre-purchase theater tickets from us for your stay in St Petersburg. Theater programs vary and are usually published no more than a month in advance, however, we can let you know what is likely to be available when you book with us and offer recommendations.

In case you wish to go a bit deeper into St Petersburg life, book a tour with one of our local guides, who will show you the city culture and hotspots through the eyes of a local person. Enquire about this optional activity in conjunction with our St Petersburg tour package.

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