Preparing for your Iceland tour

New informative videos on preparing for your holiday to Iceland.

Visiting Iceland soon and want to learn the essentials of travelling in Iceland. Remembering that with a population of only 325,000, Iceland gets more than 2 million visitors a year (mostly during the peak summer months), and the locals are determined to protect Iceland's beautiful environment.


Walking tours in Iceland go through undisturbed and remote landscapes. The water in the streams is drinkable and in many places there is not another human being in sight. We would like it to stay this way. We ask everyone who visits and uses nature in Iceland to take care of the fragile surroundings.

Please be careful with your car when doing a self-drive holiday. Regularly, international travellers are getting bogged, getting massive fines for driving off road and having accidents!


Iceland has a modern telecommunications infrastructure, and it is possible to access the internet at most hotels and many net cafes. The country code for Iceland is 354 and mobile coverage is good. Pre-paid GSM phone cards can be purchased at petrol stations throughout the country.


Iceland is in the Western European Time Zone. Western European Standard Time (WET) is Greenwich Mean Time (UTC+0). Unlike most states in Europe, summer (Daylight-Saving) time is not observed in Iceland.


An unforgettable trip and a bag packed with the right clothing go together! Clothing in Iceland is always practical! This applies whether you are travelling across the highlands or you are at a restaurant. Be prepared for sunny days but also for cold, fresh mornings and evenings. Be aware of the layerupon-layer principle. This enables you to make fast and easy adjustments for the temperature so you can make yourself more comfortable. The inner layer keeps the body warm. The outer layer is for protection against rain and wind. For example, a pair of rain-proof outer pants can provide protection against wind. On mountain trips, we recommend that you also bring a warm cap, gloves and a scarf.

Note that on some trips staying in mountain hut accommodation you will require a sleeping bag. If needed this is stated in the ‘Important Information’ section of our online Trip Notes. If you do not want to bring this with you on your longer holiday please notify us and we can arrange for you to hire one in Iceland.