Lapland holidays in the autumn months

Out in the glorious Finnish wilderness, you will love the four-wheel motorbike Aurora Borealis safari, river rafting, sleeping in the glass igloos and the chance to pick mushrooms, dine on local produce and pick blueberries.

Out in the glorious Finnish wilderness, under the glow of the Northern lights nearby Lake Inari (the inspiration for witch Queen Serafina Pekkala's in Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy), you'll have plenty of time to explore hiking trails and canoe on the lakes on a Autumn Colours and Aurora Borealis 5 day stay. Teenagers will love the four-wheel motorbike safari, river rafting and the ability to spend time roaming around the freestanding log cabin. Younger children will love picking blueberries and mushrooms.

Known to the locals as ‘ruska’, autumn in Finland is an exciting time of change. This phenomenon starts when the days get shorter and the weather gets colder. The birch turns a gentle shade of yellow, aspen turns red, and the leaves of blueberry and lingonberry shrubs turn bright red. The peak season lasts two to four weeks in September.

Add the magic of Northern Lights at night, and you can have an unforgettable Autumn experience above the Arctic Circle, on our Northern Lights tour, Beana Laponia and Levi Glass Igloos. Highlights of this tour include a night in a glass igloo under the starry sky, guided hiking tour in the wilderness with your own husky dog, and insights into the indigenous Sami culture. Stay at an adults only retreat in the Finnish wilderness and enjoy the hill top glass igloos near Levi.

Another autumn trip we have on offer is the Lapland Autumn Retreat - a short 4-day stay staying high above the Arctic Circle. Enjoy peaceful afternoons at the lake, discovering the nature around Torassieppi. You can pick as many berries and mushrooms as you can carry, the lake is full with tasty fish and the Jeris River is just a stone throw away.

This tour is the great value Northern Lights in Autumn at the Aurora Village. This tour is a 5-dayIndependent Northern Lights tour to Finnish Lapland, sleeping in an Aurora Glass Cabin and enjoy autumn activities.

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Inari Autumn Auroras

credit: Inari Nellim Wilderness Hotels.