Pori Jazz Festival

Music and Midnight sun in Finland

It's nearly summertime in Scandinavia & Finland so let the parties begin. Include a summer festival or music event to spice up your holiday this European summer.

When you think about tango, you might think about the Argentina or South- America. But tango music has become an important part of Finnish culture. During the summer months when the nights are long with the midnight sun, you can hear the music play when you travel across the country.

Close to the summer-houses you will find wooden pavilions, where locals come to socialise and most importantly, dance tango. Everyone has their favourite Finnish tango artist, and during the summer months you will find them touring around the country.

Music and Midnight sun in Finland

Each July, the small town, Seinäjoki hosts one of the most biggest music festivals in the country, the Seinäjoki Tango festival. Each year more than 100 000 people will visit the festival and the tango competition is broadcasted on the national television as well. Each year the best male and female tango artists compete to be named “the next Tango King and Queen of Finland”.

If you would like to visit the Tango festival, Seinäjoki is located about 400km northwest from Helsinki. Please contact us for more details here.

From June to August, you can find a music festival pretty much every weekend around Finland. And there is something for everyone. In July, Poiri hosts the largest Jazz festival, Poiri Jazz.

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You can also find music festivals showcasing rock, pop, classical or even heavy metal music. There is something for everyone, with a good mixture of Finnish and International artists.

If you want to try your Tango dancing skills in Helsinki, there is a dance restaurant called Wanhan Kellari, located right in the centre of town.

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Images credit: Visit Finland, Pori Jazz Festival, photographer: Marko Tervonen and Sari Soininen.