Month by Month Guide to our Region

Read our month by month guide to our region, shared by our Scandinavian crew. Enjoy their traveling tips and favorites for the coming year - one for each month.

The start of the New Year is a great time to make plans, and that includes travel. Our Scandinavian crew gathered their traveling tips and favorites for the coming year - one for each month.  Come and explore these top attractions with us!

January - Days in the wilds of Sweden and the Aurora Sky Station

Aurora Sky Station and the lodge Björkliden, in the middle of the aurora zone, are considered to be the best place on earth to see the Aurora Borealis. With its fresh, clear air and its practically permanent cloud-free sky the prerequisites in Abisko are optimal. More or less active northern lights can be seen almost every night, so prepare yourself for a memorable night-time experience.

February - Northern Norway Wildlife Safari and Northern Lights

This month the ocean outside Senja in Northern Norway is filled with wildlife and the sky fingers crossed with Northern Lights. Experience this adventure on our 6 days - Northern Norway tour.

Ranua Arctic Fox Cabin

Image from our partner, Ranua Arctic Fox Cabins

March - Hit the skiing tracks in Äkäslompolo, Finland

In March, nature provides all the light one can imagine and turns Lapland’s fells into sunny ski paradises. A number of events are organised in resorts around the region, celebrating togetherness and the best time of year for skiers and snowboarders. The cross country skiing tracks criss cross the village and you can basically head off in any direction.  Experience these authentic winter activities on our Äkäslompolo premium tour.

April - Explore Treasures of the Baltic States

Early spring time tour showcases the rich history and beautiful nature of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. Explore medieval sites, nature reserves and the famous, painstakingly restored manors. While enjoying the city culture and nature, follow this emerging region's fascinating history, taking the region from times of Russian monarchy to today's European Union. Take a look at our premium tour Treasures of the Baltic States including private transfers & boutique accommodation.

On your Baltic tour, relax in Pärnu on the western coast of Estonia. This must see town is famous for beaches, warm shallow waters and health spas offering various curative treatments including local mud-baths.

May - Sense the spring time in Scandinavian Capitals by rail & ferry

Travel by rail and local ferries with ample time to digest the scenery and the modern Scandinavian capital cities. Scandinavia in May features warmer spring temperatures, with lower travel prices and smaller crowds than visitors will find during the summer. Summer activities will be open to visitors, and parks across the five Scandinavian countries are alive and blooming. See more of our Scandinavian Capitals independent tours here.

June - Get into midsummer magic in Finland

Midsummer is often seen as the beginning of warm summer weather and many Finns start their summer holidays on Midsummer Eve. Taking place at the end of June, the Midnight Sun is a key element in the festivities; nights are white throughout the country. Lighting bonfires and bathing in saunas are two of the most typical traditions in Midsummer celebrations. Experience a true summer journey in Finland with us on our self drive premium tours.

Mikkeli Unsplash

July - Peak Summer in Scandinavia

Summer in our region can be hot these days so it is surprising to say, but consider adding some classic summer activities to your tour. Beaches are terrific across our region and the locals love them. Swimming pools, fjords and mountain lakes are a great edition to cool off.

August - Get off the beaten track & explore Faroe Islands!

To us, the Faroe Islands are a hidden secret not sought by many, and spending time here will give you an unforgettable experience of remote living at the edge of the open sea. The Faroe Islands is a dream destination for those who love nature and outdoor activities. We can tailor-make a self-drive Faroe Island holiday for you or join a guided tour.


September - Ultimate Iceland Adventure is waiting for you

Iceland is where glaciers reach for the skies, deep blue mountain lakes fill steep valleys with sharp green peaks on all sides. Hot springs in secluded valleys and on beach fronts will relax and calm you as you take in the spectacular views. In September this magical island is less crowded, and it is already the season to see the northern lights, fingers crossed. Let us take you there with one of our premium Iceland tours.

October - Witness autumn colours in Lapland

Summer ends with an explosion of colors in the forests. This is the season known as ‘ruska’, when the autumnal reds, browns and yellows are especially beautiful on the fells of Lapland. The peak season only lasts for roughly two weeks, so beware of being there on time. Autumn is also a popular time for trekking in northern parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland. We recommend you our self drive tour to fully enjoy the highlights of Northern Scandinavia.

November - Travel St Petersburg & Moscow in Style

Discover the great cities of Russia and enjoy special touches such as visiting attractions before the Chrismas crowds, private transfers and boat trips. Taste the mystery, beauty and intrigue of Moscow and St Petersburg, and experience the land that lay hidden behind the Iron Curtain for decades. Join our Russian tailor-made tours that will show you this amazing country in style.

On our Russian tailor-made packages four star hotels and plenty of inclusions set our tours apart from the rest. We have wonderful guides that will do their best to show you their beloved country. Enjoy the fast train between Moscow and St. Petersburg - our drivers and guides will deliver you door-to-door to your hotel of choice in comfort.

December - Spend a true northern Christmas

Would you like to spend your next Christmas in Lapland in a snow-covered village where streetlights are turned off in the afternoon so that you can see the Northern Lights? Christmas is a time for families to make new memories together, and this is where we step in with our Lapland Christmas Magic - escorted tour.

During your holiday you will stay in cosy log cabins, each with their own fireplace and sauna. Enjoy great local food and join in some exhilarating winter activities like husky & reindeer sledding, ice fishing and snowmobiling. On Christmas Eve we will visit a Lapp Village where the day is spent enjoying winter activities and making gingerbread biscuits & Christmas decorations. The highlight of the day is when each family receives an invite for a private visit to Santa's cabin, travelling through the snowy forest by sleigh.

Let us design your perfect holiday.