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Premium 50 Degrees North mini-coach tours through Norway

Our premium 50 Degrees North mini-coach represent a new style of travel: 2-12 independent travellers traverse exceptionally beautiful, yet hard-to-reach areas of Norway, thus experiencing something unique and authentic while contributing to more modest local economies.

The premium 50 Degrees North mini-coach tours represent a new style of travel: 2-12 independent travellers traverse exceptionally beautiful, yet hard-to-reach areas of Norway, with some days spent independently and others together, in the comfort and safety of a shared 50 Degrees North mini-coach with an experienced driver. This is very a comfortable and flexible way to travel, allowing for unexpected photo stops and food breaks, not to mention allowing you to journey into parts of Norway that are not easy to reach without your own car.

These "mini-coach tours" are not group tours as such, but for a few days during each of these itineraries, you will share the same mini-coach with other travellers (private, only for 50 Degrees North clients). You can make friends, enjoy the company of our Norwegian driver, and experience some of the country's finest boutique hotels and natural wonders. These tours represent the best of both worlds: They are independent tours, but really more like a private driver experience you share with other travellers. All the minor details are taken care of, allowing you the freedom to get on and enjoy the holiday.

You can opt in to do a hiking version of our 'Beautiful Norway' tour. Travelling with someone else, they can either hike alongside you or join the tour alternatives. Hikes include summiting Norway's tallest mountain and sea cliff walks along the coast of Norway.

The tours have also been motivated by our sense of social responsibility: Introducing travellers to areas, hotels, and service providers outside of the more traditional and extremely busy routes not only tackles the problem of over-tourism, but also distributes wealth to more modest local economies. And the scenery is equally - if not more - stunning and the experience all the more authentic for it!


  • Our Director’s Choice properties are those used in all these tours. They are handpicked boutique options, and combine great location, friendly and personal service, good food, unique design and something intangible -something that makes you feel that you have arrived at home.

  • Many meals are included with our local hotels offering world class 2-3 course dinners in beautiful dining rooms.

  • For those comparing between travelling independently or self-driving, these mini-coach tours offer an affordable and stress-free way to travel, eliminating the need for transfers and additional transport services.

Beautiful Norway - starting from Oslo

Beautiful Norway is an 8-day tour from Oslo to Bergen (departures on Saturdays). In the beginning, the itinerary follows the Norway in a Nutshell route, but then breaks away to journey through the Jotunheimen National Park, a largely undisturbed mountain area in the east, past Norway's highest peak, Galdhøpiggen. The journey then continues along the magnificent mountain pass routes of Sognefjellsveien and Aurlandsfjellet. These are spectacular areas away from the summer crowds, combining high mountains and rugged terrain with the inner reaches of the captivating Sognefjord.

Here is some lovely feedback and photos from Beautiful Norway.

Likewise, short of time, this tour can be shortened to only 5 days.

Beautiful Norway Map

Suzanne Stratton Beautiful Norway 7

Beautiful Norway Hike

Beautiful Norway Hike is a 8-day tour which includes hiking Galdhøpiggen, Northern Europe’s highest mountain and a guided hike to Mt. Prest with views across the UNESCO World Heritage Fjord of Nærøyfjord.

Sweden’s West Coast and Islands

Sweden's West Coast and Islands is a 5-day tour, travelling from Oslo down to Gothenburg along the Swedish coastline. Once you have arrived in Gothenburg, it is an easy train journey across to Stockholm.

Travelling along the coast in our premium mini-coach with driver, you’ll find quaint red fishing sheds, ocean front manor houses and gardens that haven’t changed since the 19th century. Join the local fishermen on an optional seafood hunt for lobster, oysters, and mussels. Visit ancient sites, the Gjellestad Ship, Blomsholm Stone Ship, Tanum Rock Carving and Vitlycke Museum.Kokt hummer kock2 foto Madeleine Landley

west-sweden-lobster-and-swan-167- Photo Cred Jeska

Lapland Circle

In addition to our summer tours to Norway, we also have the Lapland Circle, an 11-day winter tour above the Arctic Circle, beginning in Finland and ending in Sweden, with a few days and nights spent in Norway. Experience an overnight stay at the ICEHOTEL, night visit to the Aurora Sky Station, countless winter activities from dogsledding to ice sculpting, and private 50 Degrees North minibus journeys from Kittilä to Tromsø and Harstad to Björkliden. Departures weekly from January to mid-March with fixed departures from Kittila every Monday.
Lapland Circle Map

Credit: Asaf Kliger, ICEHOTEL, Hotel Aak, Madeleine Landley, Cred Jeska and Visit Norway.