Get ready for winter touring in Scandinavia

Get ready for travelling in the Nordic winter weather - ideas for travelling smoothly in the snow.

Even the most perfectly scripted Scandinavian winter holiday cannot shield you from the cold weather. Of course, inside your accommodation you will be warm and snug, likewise public halls, waiting rooms and public conveniences are well heated and out of the weather. In the centre of most towns, there are warm shopping centres, and places to wander protected from the weather.

But you will have to brave the conditions (the Northern Lights are better viewed outside) and the better prepared you are, the more likely your holiday will go off without a hitch. We offer comprehensive packing lists before you depart to ensure you have packed enough layers. Many of our packages have winter outerwear either as part of the package or for hire. But it is important to think more broadly about how to function well in the cold weather..

Winter gear provided

Firstly, think carefully about your luggage that you wish to travel with. Can it manoeuvre easily over icy paths and roads? A lot of our winter tours involve public transport or transfers – and more often than not, you cannot rely on a porter service.

As part of your overall packing plan, have your organized your necessary winter outer gear so you can reach them when needed? Ensure that you have pockets where your gloves, hats etc can be stored easily and grabbed at a moment’s notice. Transport will be warm and toasty so having a system to take items on & off, without the risk of losing them, will make for a more pleasant trip. Of course, losing that one glove or hat doesn’t make for a great day!

Winter jackets with handy outer pockets or a small backpack with such will help you move between the warm and cold areas during your trip. Taking lots of luggage with you can also be quite a drain on your stamina over a long trip in snow conditions.

Another suggestion is that you purchase some ice grips that wrap around your boots. These can be very helpful as there can be ice and more dangerously, black ice on the streets and roads of Scandinavia. There is a lot of municipal effort put into clearing sidewalks and roads of ice & snow but it still can take you by surprise. These ice grips can be purchased before you leave or you can grab some on your arrival (check the local hardware or supermarket). They aren’t expensive and can really help with your mobility during your winter holiday.

Winter roads in Scandinavia

The winter season in Scandinavia pretty much goes to clock work – centuries of working and living in extreme weather has created an efficient and effective system. An example of this is that airports rarely shut down during snowstorms in Scandinavia. They have the right equipment and infrastructure to cope with all sorts of weather. Scandinavians are proud of their ability to live in cold conditions and rather than being one of those travellers complaining and telling everyone how cold it is, pssst, they have heard this all before, just get on with having a good holiday.

Be sure to ask one of our Scandinavian destination specialists if you have any specific questions about your winter holiday. They are always happy to help.