An Arctic Sanctuary: In Need of a Nordic Detox?

We invite you to find yourself amongst the raw beauty of Lofoten - the rugged archipelago along the Northern Norwegian coast.

The daily grind is not quite what it used to be. While once we were able to log off and leave business for the day, technology has enabled us to work around the clock no matter where we are. It’s a blessing, it’s a curse. As a result we have forgotten how to live in the present, to use our senses without distractions and to embrace our surroundings.

We invite you to find yourself, amongst the raw beauty of Lofoten - the rugged archipelago along the Northern Norwegian coast. Not familiar with Lofoten? That’s exactly why it’s still quiet, unspoilt and free from large groups of tourists, noise and pollution: It’s Norway’s most beautiful secret. The mountain-crested beaches may be cold but they rival their Mediterranean cousins in sheer beauty and magnificence.

Best explored by car and local ferries; enjoy everything Lofoten has to offer and start your Norwegian adventure in one of the most unique and stunning accommodation Northern Norway has to offer: The Fordypningsrommet in Fleinvaer.

The Norwegian word ‘fordypningsrommet’ is best translated as a sanctuary, retreat or even meditation-room. And that’s the purpose of this Arctic hideaway by the sea: Unplug, disconnect and re-charge yourself amongst raw, untouched nature. Eat fresh local food in company with other guests, feel the weather, sit in silence and be at peace.

Lofoten has something special to offer no matter the season. Whether it’s bright Aurora Borealis, windy storms, a sun that never sets in summer or star-speckled horizon in winter: The people at Fordypningsrommet promise you’ll feel alive and rested after spending time at their sanctuary.

The cabins were architecturally designed to blend in and compliment the surrounding ocean-facing cliffs. The structural component of the cabins reflects the resilience and strength often attributed to the locals in Lofoten: their proud tradition of braving the weather: fishing and providing despite at times harsh conditions.

Use your time at the Arctic Sanctuary as a fitting beginning or magical end to a journey throughout Lofoten. You’ll find yourself breathing easier, and not just thanks to the fresh sea-air: Explore our Lofoten-tours and packages to find out more.