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5 Health reasons to visit Scandinavia

Get pampered in relaxing holidays around Europe's best spa and health conscious countries.

No.1 Finnish Saunas:

Sauna by the lake is a not only a Finnish dream, but also an essential way of living in Finland and other regions of Scandinavia.

Finland Sauna

No. 2 Icelandic Hotsprings:

Everyone knows the Blue Lagoon Hot springs, but we think the Snorralaug Hot Springs is a great example of the health and relaxation benefits of travelling to Iceland. It is tucked away and intimate, very much in touch with nature. Another Hot spring to tempt you is this one hidden beside the sea on the North west coast.

Iceland Hot Springs

No. 3 Swedish Massages:

Sadly, having a Swedish massage in Stockholm is like ordering French toast when in Paris. It is a bit of a mis-concept and not really a local tradition. Plus pampering treatments are very expensive in Sweden - double the price of what you might expect. A healthier alternative is to head down to the beautiful archipelago beaches and take in the negative ions.

No. 4 Norwegian Nature:

Now this is where Norway really stands out from the rest. Head out for a hike, walk, swim or ski and really feel at one with the glorious Norwegian countryside.

Norway tours Geiranger

No. 5 Danish & Nordic Food:

Subtle flavours, fresh & real products are what really differentiate Danish and Nordic Food from the rest of the world. Breakfasts are light and breads are earthy. Top class restaurants, plenty of fresh fish options and seasonal eating habits will ensure you return home feeling in top nick.

Danish food
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