Norway tour review, Rallarvegen, Diana and Neal September 2016

November 28th 2016

"50 Degrees North did an awesome job with our month-long trip to Norway. I was very impressed with the fine balance struck between respecting our initial plans and steering us toward activities and logistics that were truly worth the time and cost. Our final vacation plans included a tremendous variety of activities, sight-seeing opportunities, transportation types, and historic hotels. At no time did we feel like the day's plan was a waste of time or money. 50 Degrees North was also helpful during the trip; at one point we wanted to change our itinerary and with one phone call to the Nordic Manager, Satu the change was made.

The most memorable segment was a 36-mile mountain bike ride suggested by Satu as part of our transportation plans; I would NEVER have thought of that and enjoyed it enormously.

Although we live in the USA and speak English exclusively, communication with 50 Degrees North (both e-mail and rare phone calls) was not a problem. Payment through a secure payment system was also problem free.

We would have made one change, and that was to our initial plan, not the itinerary created by 50 Degrees North. We took the Hurtigruten round trip and would not recommend it. The return trip was redundant. If we were taking the trip again, we would have taken the north leg of the Hurtigruten, and allowed 50 Degrees North to create a sightseeing tour of the central portion of Norway as we returned to our departure city.

We chose 50 Degrees North--even though we are citizens of the US--because we feel strongly that a local travel agent knows his or her country best. A non-local travel agent will never have the same depth of understanding.

Satu, thank you for your help. If we are up in your part of the world again, you will be our travel agent!"

_                                    The Navvies Road, Credits: Sverre Hjørnevik/visitnorway.com_