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Taste the Nordic Diet

From eating berries and whole grains to salmon and herring - what can we learn from the Scandinavian kitchen?

From eating berries and whole grains to salmon and herring - what can we learn from Scandinavians? Typical menus from these northern European nations are rich in fish, nutritious berries, breads made from wholegrains and good oils. In Nordic countries imported food tends to be expensive so there is more emphasis on local, seasonal produce.

**Below find listed the most popular health boosting Nordic ingredients. For exploring the Scandi-tastes on one of our tours, see also our Nordic team's favourite places to eat in Scandinavia.

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Eating Raw, Blazed or Cured Fish

"Blazing salmon” is a Finnish fish preparation method, in which salmon is nailed to a plank with wooden pegs and cooked over an open fire.  In Nordic countries, fish is frequently eaten raw or cured (pickling and smoking) which retains all the goodness.

Cured salmon with boiled potatoes and dill sauce is a traditional Scandinavian dish.

Fibre-rich wholegrains

Got enough of the white bread? Rye bread – made from sour dough, is a staple of the Nordic diet. The type of fibre in rye is somewhat unique, in that it is extremely binding with water molecules, meaning that it makes you feel full very quickly.

Wellbeing from the Forests (and for FREE)

Wild cloudberries, blueberries, raspberries are all rich in vitamin C and free when picked up from the forests.

In fall the lands are also filled with mushrooms of all sorts. The combination of everyman’s rights and naturally grown, nutritious food transforms activities such as hiking into delicious voyages of discovery.

Wildherb Nourishment

Wild herbs for the body and soul. From fresh birch you can make your own "sauna-vasta" (and gently whip yourself with it in heat), herbal foot baths or delicous birch tea. See also more holistic tips about how to relax and slow down in Scandinavian style.

The Northern summer filled with light 24/7, the chilly polar night and the unspoilt nature, creates an unique growth environment for delicious and nutrient rich wild foods. To explore the wild herbs even more you can join a guided tours presenting the most common wild herbs or also explore the greens in culinary restaurants.

Purest Water on Earth

Scandinavian countries are known for their beauty and purity. No wonder they offer a pure and safe haven to people with its clean air as well as the purest of drinking water available through taps. The Nordic region's tap water ranks among the best in the world, according to the United Nations. There is no need to buy bottled water during meals, just ask for tap!

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