Our top 10 road trips in Scandinavia and Finland

Against the backdrop of COVID-19, road trips are one of the best ways to keep travelling. Explore our top 10 road trip suggestions for our region.

If you’re planning on travelling in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, road trips are the safest, most controlled way to do so due to the fact that you won’t be sharing a space with an undefined number of strangers. Road trips are also a fantastic option due to the fact that you see a more authentic side of any destination. Driving through the countryside allows you to see more up-close what life looks like in the quiet heart of a country, away from the trendy, fashionable capital cities.

However, despite the image of freedom and the open road, road trips actually take a significant amount of planning, particularly if you’re travelling for several days and cover hundreds of kilometres. With this in mind, we have taken the need for planning out of the equation by listing our top 10 road trip packages and itineraries in Scandinavia and Finland. Note that most of our accommodation options are charming, hand-picked boutique hotels and lodges instead of major chain hotels.

Roadtrip 1: Oslo to Bergen in Norway

The 6-day Oslo to Bergen road trip itinerary is a classic route that combines beautiful accommodation with spectacular views of Norwegian fjords, mountains and valleys. Enjoy historical hotels and fresh local produce.

Day 1: Oslo to Lillehammer – enjoy forests, valleys and Lake Mjøsa
Day 2: Lillehammer area to Lom area – raging rivers, boutique dining and National Parks
Days 3-4: Lusterfjord area – waterfalls, fjords and glaciers
Day 5: Voss area – charming villages, 'Norway in a Nutshell’ Flåm train journey and locally sourced dining
Day 6: Drive to Bergen – fish markets and harbour views!Norway Handstand

Roadtrip 2: Norway by Design and History with Juvet Design Hotel

Norway by Design and History with Juvet is a 9-day premium option that combines romantic manors and hotels steeped in history and design with some of Norway's most spectacular and scenic areas. Drive the dramatic hairpin bends of the Troll Road and visit Sognefjord, Norway's longest fjord.

Day 1: Bergen
Day 2: Fjærland - drive around Lusterfjord
Day 3: Briksdals Glacier and Ålesund
Day 4: Explore Ålesund and drive to Juvet
Day 5: Visit the Geirangerfjord
Day 6: Troll Road and Atlantic Road
Day 7: Håholmen - Deep sea fishing or ocean walks
Day 8: Trondheim – marvel at the Nidaros Cathedral
Day 9: Departure day![Atlantic Hwy Norway ]

Roadtrip 3: Tromsø, Senja & Lofoten in Norway

The 8-day Tromsø, Senja & Lofoten itinerary is one of our all-time favourites. The drive from Tromsø via Sommarøy and Senja to Å in Lofoten is one of the most spectacular ones in the world, each bend revealing another majestic fjord, quaint village, white sandy beach or spectacular mountain peak.

Day 1: Arrive in Tromsø and drive to Sommarøy
Day 2: Take a morning ferry to Senja - dramatic sea cliffs and clear green water
Day 3: Deep sea fishing, exploring the local peaks or enjoying a long seafood lunch
Day 4: Ferry to Andøya, drive to Lofoten
Day 5: Day in Svolvær – options to join a sea eagle safari and visit the narrow waters of the Trollfjord
Day 6: Continue further out in the Lofoten Archipelago to picturesque Reine
Day 7: Visit Å or Røst
Day 8: Departure day!Lofoten Norway

Roadtrip 4: Log Cabins & Bears of Finland

The 8-day Log Cabins & Bears of Finland self-drive itinerary is something altogether different. Travelling along the eastern half of Finland, you have a unique chance to explore five different national parks and even see brown bears in the wild!

Day 1: Arrival at Kuopio, continue to Metsäkartano
Day 2: Hiidenportti and Tiilikkajärvi national parks
Day 3: Metsäkartano to Kuhmo via Nurmes – Kalevala and Karelian culture
Day 4: Kuhmo to Juntusranta – brown bears and Winter War history
Day 5: Juntusranta to Kuusamo – hiking in Hossa national park
Day 6: Kuusamo – Oulanka national park or Ruka
Day 7: Kuusamo to Rovaniemi – Arctic Circle and Riisitunturi national park
Day 8: Depart RovaniemiDeers Finland

Roadtrip 5: Green Forests & Blue Lakes, Finland

The 9-day itinerary Green Forests & Blue Lakes takes you away from Helsinki and into the heart of the Finnish lake district. That is truly saying something considering that Finland has over 188,000 lakes. This is a beautiful, scenic, and serene road trip along the lakes, forests and rolling hills of eastern Finland.

Day 1: Helsinki to Lappeenranta - old towns, intriguing architecture and beautiful gardens
Day 2: Lappeenranta - fortress town by Lake Saimaa
Day 3: Lappeenranta to Imatra - Stay at an Art Nouveau castle
Day 4: Imatra to Joensuu – forests, ridges and lakes
Day 5: Joensuu - visit Koli National Park
Day 6: Joensuu to Valamo to Anttolanhovi – Monks, wine and food
Day 7: Anttolanhovi – relax by the lake
Day 8: Anttolanhovi – visit Mikkeli and Savonlinna
Day 9: Anttolanhovi to Lahti to Helsinki – Lakes and ski jumps![Green Forests & Blue Lakes - self drive in Finland ]

Roadtrip 6: From the Sea to the Lakes, Finland

The 10-day itinerary From the Sea to the Lakes follows Finland’s south-western coastline before taking a turn towards the centre and completing the circle. Discover Finland’s cultural heritage by visiting many of its castles, fortresses, manor houses and other places of historical and cultural importance.

Day 1: Idyllic villages with art, craft and local produce
Day 2: Mathildedal to Turku – discover Finnish nature and unique architecture
Day 3: Exploring medieval Turku
Day 4: Convent life, presidential manor houses and beautiful gardens in Turku
Day 5: Turku to Rauma to Tampere - quaint wooden houses and skillful lace makers
Day 6: Tampere – industrial buildings, gourmet foods and beautiful lakes
Day 7: Cruising the lakes around Tampere
Day 8: Tampere to Iittala to Hämeenlinna to Tuusula: Glass blowers, castles and scenic views
Day 9: Artists’ community by Lake Tuusula
Day 10: Tuusula to Helsinki: Akseli Gallen, Kallela and Romantic nationalismFinland Hämeenlinna

Roadtrip 7: Gothenburg to Stockholm in Sweden

The 5-day Gothenburg to Stockholm self-drive itinerary allows you to get a taste of the picturesque Swedish countryside. Stay in the romantic Bjertorp Slott, an elegant 100-year old Art Nouveau manor hotel and explore the lush green countryside nearby.

Day 1: Arrive in Gothenburg and visit Liseberg amusement park
Day 2: Saab museum, lunch in Trollhättan and Askersund
Day 3: Relaxing day by the biggest lakes in Sweden
Day 4: Drive to Stockholm via Örebro
Day 5: Depart Stockholm Örebro Castle Sweden

Roadtrip 8: Stockholm return, Sweden

The 6-day Stockholm return self-drive itinerary takes you to the lovely coastal villages and castles in the lush Swedish countryside. Explore the many lakes, forests, and nature trails at your own pace.

Day 1: Visit the nature trails around Kristinehamn and the famous Iron Trail.
Days 2-3: Ferry across to Koster Island and explore the charming coastal village of Lysekil
Day 4: Rent a bicycle, visit cosy farm shops and explore charming towns near Gränna
Day 5: Forest walks and horse riding
Day 6: Return to Stockholm at your leisureshutterstock 1166494438 sweden house and apples

Roadtrip 9: Denmark's Viking Trail Tour

The 7-day Denmark's Viking Trail Tour explores the spiritual and historical home of the Vikings. Gain insights into the everyday life of the Vikings while driving through Denmark’s finest scenery.

Day 1: Arrival to Copenhagen
Day 2: Explore the National Museum and dine like Vikings
Day 3: Pick up your car and head to Roskilde
Day 4: Roskilde Cathedral, Lejre Museum and the 'Land of Legends' open air park
Day 5: Trelleborg and Slagelse – impressive fortresses, Viking markets, reconstructed castles and more
Day 6: Day trip return, visiting Funen and the Ladby Viking museum
Day 7: Return to CopenhagenDenmark Rosenburg Castle

Roadtrip 10: Journey through Lapland in Norway, Sweden and Finland

Lastly, the 8-day Journey through Lapland combines the northern Norway, Sweden and Finland – something very different to the drives down south. The midnight sun is even stronger this far up, you get a stronger sense of the indigenous Sami cultures in the north, and the landscape is more rugged, with a beauty very much its own.

Day 1: Tromsø to Kiruna
Day 2: Enjoy the amazing Treehotel
Day 3: Head to Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle
Day 4: Rovaniemi's Santa village
Day 5: Rovaniemi to Karasjok (the heartland of Norway’s Sami people)
Day 6: Karasjok to Honningsvåg
Day 7: North Cape - the northernmost point of Europe
Day 8: North Cape to Tromsø