Nordic Travel Bucket list 2024 - Remote and adventurous travel

Hot air ballooning in Lapland whilst watching the Northern Lights, hiking up volcanoes, glamping in Greenland, a private meeting with Santa or climbing three peaks in Norway - see our collection of unmissable travel experiences across our Nordic and Scandinavian region.

These experiences are ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ in every sense of the term, wild, remote, adventurous and never to be forgotten.

1. Hot air ballooning in Lapland whilst watching the Northern Lights

Experience the Swedish wilderness and stay in the Aurora Safari camp- in a perfect spot to watch Northern Lights. In the evening you will go hot air ballooning over the white landscape as well as enjoying snacks and a Northern light lecture by the fireplace. After a morning of dog- sledding you transfer to Arctic Bath in a cabin above the water-connected to the shore by a floating walkway. There is a range of activities during the day that you won’t want to miss. This adventure has limited dates and depends on the weather.

Learn about ticking hot air ballooning over Lapland off your bucket list here.Lapland Ballooning Aurora Safari

2. Dogsledding across the Swedish Arctic Wilderness

Authentic, 5 days ultimate winter experience learning to care for and drive your own team of Alaskan Huskies through Lapland’s winter wonderland. Every afternoon you arrive at a new cabin after driving your Husky team through forests, mountain landscapes and nature reserves. You will enjoy dinners by the fire and life under the stars.

Learn about dogsledding through Swedish Lapland here.Petter Karlsson

3. Summiting three peaks in Norway

Magnificent day hikes with ‘off the beaten track’ routes enjoying Norwegian fjords and mountains the active way. Professional guides and extra safety equipment will give you assurance of hiking at ease in Norway. Standing atop the Kjerag boulder, views from Trolltunga and a sunrise hike to the Pulpit rock is an adventure you will never forget.

Learn about ticking scaling the Trolltunga, Kjerag and Pulpit Rock off your bucketlist.

4. Discovering the Northern most region of Norway

Explore the outer reaches of Arctic Norway, visiting regions 'off the beaten track' and seeing true wilderness. Travelling on a premium 50 Degrees North mini-coach, journey through the forests to stay at the lighthouse in Tranøy, visiting Sami and rock carving locations along the way. Experience two epic train journeys, a comfortable, relaxed way to see the countryside. According to Lonely Planet, one of the world’s best train journeys from Trondheim to Bodø, the Nordland train is the longest train journey in Norway. 24-hour daylight means plenty of wildlife and sightseeing on your journey from Trondheim to Bodø, then Narvik to Stockholm on the Arctic Train.

Arctic Norway Traverse

5. Greenland Glamping Adventure

Stay in a remote luxury camp positioned beside one of the biggest and oldest fjords in the world- only accessible by boat or helicopter. This glamping camp has an outdoor hot tub and sauna as well as a chef preparing all the meals for you. You will experience a guided hike to the highest peak in the region, enjoy a helicopter flight over the icecap, kayaking around the icebergs and whale watching- all while being immersed in the spectacular scenery of Greenland.

Learn about Greenland Glamping here.Arctic Nomad - Greenland Glamping

6. True arctic wilderness at Basecamp Nordenskiöld, Svalbard

Explore arctic nature and beauty staying in a true hunting cabin, but with modern comforts. During summer you reach the cabin by boat and in winter you go by snowmobile or dog sledding. During the 6 day stay you will be active doing glacier walking, kayaking, hiking, quad bike safari, but also have a chance to relax in the sauna and enjoy the wilderness of the arctic.

Learn about visiting the Arctic Wilderness here.Svalbard Shutterstock

7. Private visit with Santa in Finland.

Staying in cosy log cabins with fireplaces and saunas, our tours are different from the run of the mill tours to Lapland. You will immerse yourself in winter activities throughout the 7 days. You will never forget your first husky safari, snowmobiling experience, reindeer safari and trying your luck ice fishing. The highlight for many is on Christmas Eve when you are invited by Santa for a private visit. To get there you travel by snowmobile and reindeer and in his cabin, he reads letters from the children and each child is given a small gift from Santa. This is certainly a bucket list item for families, but you are never too old to enjoy meeting Santa.

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Image credit: Algirdas Zabitis