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6 days - Luxury remote stay with paddle boarding, foraging and deep sea fishing

We invite you to really experience Greenland! Stay in a remote luxury camp, situated two hours by boat from the capital of Greenland, positioned beside the one of the biggest and oldest fjords in the world. Boat or helicopter is the only way to get to this secluded spot.

Highlights include remote fishing, boat transfers through the Nuuk fjord, guided hikes, guided local village visit, deep sea fishing and private tented camp including outdoor hot tub and sauna.

Day 1
Arrive in Nuuk and then boat transfer to your private camp
Day 2
Hike to Uumannaq summit and then deep sea fishing
Day 3
Foraging kayak tour then visit the local village and meet the locals
Day 4
Fishing the traditional Inuit way in the rivers and then berry foraging tour
Day 5
Kayaking around the icebergs
Day 6
Return to Nuuk
Start/End Place
Nuuk, Greenland
Country Visited
6 Days
Start Date
Travel Style
Independent holiday with moderately active activities and no luggage handling included
Carbon Footprint
203Kg of CO₂e Average carbon footprint per person?

Please note that all our itineraries, inclusions, dates and prices displayed on this website may change at any time. If you book an itinerary today and have this confirmed it will be the itinerary that is delivered to you. However, the online itinerary on our website may change in the meantime.

As a Certified B Corporation, 50 Degrees North has designed this tour using handpicked local hoteliers and suppliers who share our ethos of delivering services and activities of high social and environmental standards.

The CO2-e per person per day of all tours is carefully measured following each season. We fully offset all emissions of our tours on your behalf, and we constantly look at ways to reduce emissions where possible.



Rib boat transfers

  • Arrival & departure transfer in Nuuk
  • Welcome dinner
  • Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner plus house local spirits and wine
  • 5 nights staying in a tented camp. Your tipi-like tent has ample space to stand inside and move around. It comes with 2 single beds or one double bed, fully lined - small table with chairs and a cozy stove - and each tent has its own private eco toilet and hot shower.
  • Boat trip Nuuk to tented camp (100 km each way through the Nuuk fjord) return
  • Use of outdoor hot tub and sauna
  • Paddle boarding amongst icebergs
  • Visit to the village, Kapisillit
  • Kayaking tour
  • Waterfall hike
  • Deep sea fihsing
  • Hike to Uumannaq Summit
  • Shoreline foraging by kayak and hike
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Taxes and service fees
Not Included

Flight tickets to/from start and end points, any airport taxes, travel insurance, visas, gratitudes and any items of personal nature.

Selection of premiere wine and alcohol can be pre-ordered at an additional cost.


Day 1 - Arrive in Nuuk and then boat transfer to your private camp

You will be greeted at the tiny airport and escorted to the cultural centre for lunch. At the same time, the guides will brief you about the days ahead and any weather adjustments.

After lunch, leave civilization. Cruise by open rib boat into the world's second-largest fjord system. Along the way, scout for humpback whales, which often traverse these waters. This is where your adventure begins. Lean back, relax and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful sights.

Located on a peaceful shingle beach, with no roads, vehicles or houses for many miles, Kiattua is the site of an ancient Inuit summer hunting ground. It is comprised of 6 heated teepees, each fitted out with full size beds, Arctic-grade linens, reading chairs and lights, and private bathrooms complete with hot water showers, eco toilets and locally made bath products.

You are even provided a hot tub, where you can relax in mineral rich glacier waters while sipping on a G&T and admiring the ever-changing light on the fjord.

Open for just 4 months of the year, and limited to 10 guests at a time to protect its fragile infrastructure, this once-in-a-lifetime experience is a deep dive into a little-known Arctic world.

On arrival, enjoy a short walk to a waterfall then the day is finished off with a dinner in the camp.

After dinner, join a bonfire either outside the dining tent or at the beach and end the day with drinks - or maybe the famous Greenlandic coffee.

1 Lunch
1 Dinner

Day 2 - Hike to Uumannaq summit and then deep sea fishing

After breakfast in the camp, join a morning hike to Uumannaq summit. Start with a 15 minutes boat tour to the deserted island of Uumannaq. Your goal is to reach the top at an altitude of 420 meters, to enjoy the beautiful sight over the ice fiord with its peaky mountains and icebergs.

At the end of the hike, stop at the restored church built back in 1733 and enjoy a traditional Greenlandic BBQ prepared by our skilled chef.

Next up is deep sea fishing for cod. Fishing is a vital part of life and leisure in Greenland. The abundant waters outside of Nuuk are teeming with cod and redfish, and even first-timers have a great chance of catching dinner!

The chef will cook the fish for dinner, and some will be smoked during the night and vacuum packed for you to bring home as an edible souvenir.

1 Breakfast
1 Lunch
1 Dinner

Day 3 - Foraging kayak tour then visit the local village and meet the locals

The water around Kiattua is rich in life, giving you a great opportunity to contribute to the dinners served by the chef every evening.

After breakfast, hit out in the kayak and look for blue mussels and fish the traditional way with a hand-held line.

On the shores 10 minutes away from Kiattua you will find an area with plenty of seaweed and blue mussels - the timing has to be right, as it is only possible to get access to the mussels at low tide. There’s a combination of relaxation and excitement, as you search for the mussels in the enormous variety of seaweed to see what you might uncover, the satisfaction is great when you find a mussel bigger than all the others you’ve collected so far.

During the trip, the guide will help you to the best fishing sites and advise you on how to fish with the handheld line. Sometimes you hit a lucky spot in the ocean and can start pulling fish up left and right, which is always exciting and FUN!

This afternoon, a 10-minute boat tour will take you to the settlement of Kapisillit. As estimated in 2019, Kapisillit is home to only 35 residents, situated about 90 km away from the Capital Nuuk. Small as it is, Kapisillit has a kindergarten, a church, one grocery store and everything one needs to live a peaceful and delightful life. It is a nice place to experience the Arctic lifestyle, cozy and rough at the same time.

The local inhabitants always invite friends to 'kaffemik' which is a get-together where you celebrate special occasions with coffee and cake and local specialities. With your guide, visit one of the families that has lived for many years in the area and has a lot of stories to tell about daily life and cultural traditions. This excursion is your chance to get up close with the locals and learn more about the interesting people that lives so far away from everything else.

1 Breakfast
1 Lunch
1 Dinner
Director's Choice

Day 4 - Fishing the traditional Inuit way in the rivers and then berry foraging tour

Experience the adventure of fishing the traditional Inuit way. This fishing adventure is certainly not for the faint of heart, but for those seeking a thrill. The Inuit's only had limited fishing equipment and mostly did their fishing with the bare hands. Today your guide will help you to learn this ancient and simple technique, that contains of three simple step: Find the Arctic car in holes under the rocks, reach in and tickle the fish under the belly and finally grab them.

On location, the chef will prepare the caught fish in various styles for a BBQ lunch.

Then go on a foraging walking tour to de-stress you from modern life and reconnect you once again with the wild mother nature.

The flora of Greenland is quite poor since the climate is harsh and only the toughest plants can survive in such conditions. Fortunately, the country is rich with wild herbs and berries that grow all over its terrain. Among them are blueberries, blackberries, crow berries, Alpine bear berries, Juniper berries, crow berries, angelica, Labrador tea, Arctic Thyme, various mushrooms and seaweed. The berries are an essential part of the Inuit diet, and they are widely used in desserts, compotes, and meat sauces or as an accompaniment to boiled cod liver.

At the end of the day, you will experience that food always taste better when you’ve found it yourself. Your chef prepares the “catch” of the day for your delicious dinner.

1 Breakfast
1 Lunch
1 Dinner
Director's Choice

Day 5 - Kayaking around the icebergs

Go on a RIB boat cruise to the beginning of the Icefiord, and we will take some stops on the way to watch and enjoy the fascinating icebergs. When you look carefully at the icebergs, you will see that they are like clouds sometimes; they look like an elephant, sometimes like a dragon and other creatures. It is difficult to image that these enormous icebergs once started the journey as tiny snowflakes.

On the way back, we will swing by the abandoned village of Qoornoq for a quick visit to this once-thriving settlement that was left in the 60' and has since become a summer getaway for local Inuits.

After lunch, put on your dry suits and life jackets, as well as communication gear that’ll keep you both warm and safe. You’ll start paddling around, so you can enjoy the fresh air and the surreal experience of paddling between icebergs. The fjord is home to a few whales, and we might be lucky enough to spot some on the way.

1 Breakfast
1 Lunch
1 Dinner
Director's Choice

Day 6 - Return to Nuuk

After breakfast in the camp, you will leave the camp by boat and return to Nuuk.

Stay over night in Nuuk or take an afternoon flight home.

1 Breakfast
1 Lunch
Dates & Prices

All prices listed are per person, based on two people sharing a room. Prices are indicative due to the current uncertainty across Europe with increasing energy and volatile fuel costs.

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Important Information


We start your adventure in Nuuk, which has been certified by EarthCheck as the first capital city in the world to become a sustainable tourism destination. To achieve certification, Nuuk has met EarthCheck’s rigorous environmental standards across twelve key performance areas spanning greenhouse gas emissions; energy efficiency; air quality; ecosystem conservation; transport; waste management; and cultural and social management.

Your luxury tented accommodation is all about getting back to nature and enjoying the solitude of the wilderness. The tipi style tents are simple, yet warm, structures and use minimal resources for construction. Each tipi is equipped with its own bathroom, hot showers and an eco-toilet. They operate a 'leave no trace policy' with no permanent structures on site and a strong focus on renewable energy. There are low carbon activities on site including kayaking, hiking, arctic swimming, paddle-boarding, or fishing trips.

Food is an important element of your stay, and the on-site award-winning chef invites guests to get involved in the dining experience, which can include foraging for herbs amongst the camp. Ingredients are all freshly sourced nearby, and include various fish, mussels, arctic mushrooms, as well as herbs like angelica, arctic thyme, Labrador tea and various berries.

Greenland is steadily rising in popularity, but it is keen to ensure that growth is slow and there is a strong desire to avoid over-tourism. One of the key focus's is to ensure that jobs are prioritised to local residents, and with over 90% of the population of the island being indigenous Inuit, it's vital that local cultures are protected and preserved. Tourism, if done correctly, will protect and celebrate the local culture while also providing the vital source of revenue that they need.

Your accommodation is proud to be the only company offering a camp product entirely based on local people residing in the country. They have indepth knowledge about the country, the region, the nature and the people, and your experience will reflect this.

We have built into your experience a visit to the settlement of Kapisillit. With 68 inhabitants, one shop, a school and a church the settlement is a typical example of a Greenlandic village. You will have opportunity to explore this small village, visiting the locals and learn more about their way of life.

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