Beautiful Norway, credit: Tim Warrington

New Scandinavian tour news for 2024

We have introduced some new tours for Norway, Hurtigruten, Iceland and Faroe Islands tours for 2024. Authentic experiences included!

In line with our passion for creating innovative, authentic, and responsible travel experiences above the 50th parallel north, our Scandinavian staff have again created an exciting selection of new itineraries for 2024!

New Tour: Scandinavian Capitals and Fjords escorted tour

Join our escorted tour through the Norwegian fjords from Bergen to Oslo, visiting the stunning Geiranger fjord and enjoy the mountain landscape of Sognefjellet which makes its way up to the summit at 1,434 metres. Our premium 50 Degrees North mini-coach will take you along the stretch of breathtaking mountain roads between Lærdal and Aurland before reaching the Aurlandsfjord, one of the most picturesque fjords in the world, where you will stay fjordside!

Moving along, wander through the Vigeland Sculpture Park and explore the hidden gems of Norway’s capital, Oslo. Then it is overnight ferry to Copenhagen with private city tours before travelling to Stockholm on an express train. This tour finishes in Helsinki with a day tour in Tallinn, Estonia.

Read about the 'Scandinavian Capitals and Fjords Tour' here

New Tour: Escorted Best of Norway Tour with 'Beautiful Norway' and 'Kystruten' Route voyage

We have added a Norwegian Coastal voyage to our unique and exciting 'Beautiful Norway' tour to create a breath-taking 16-day itinerary that takes you from Oslo to the mountains by land and from Bergen to Kirkenes by sea. You will experience the very best of Norway with stunning scenery and boutique hotels while staying away from the main crowds.

Learn more about combining the Norwegian fjords with Hurtigruten with a 50DN Escort.

New tour extra: Iceland Stopover upgrade to the new Retreat Hotel at the Blue Lagoon

LUXURY: Our 5-day independent stopover tour of Iceland now includes the option of upgrading to the Blue Lagoon's new luxury accommodation, The Retreat Hotel. It offers a secluded geothermal lagoon that encircles the property and a subterranean spa with treatments such as in-water massage. You can also join a yoga class, take a group hike, or sample the delicious farm-to-table meals at their new restaurant.

Learn more about this Iceland tour and read about the Blue Lagoon Retreat Hotel here.

Blue Lagoon RI 7507 01

New Tour: Highlights of the Faroe Islands

PREMIUM: This new 4-day tour is sure to impress. Based in the charming capital city of Tórshavn, each day will take you to a different part of these mysterious islands. And before you go, make sure you get to enjoy a meal at the Michelin 2 star rated restaurant KOKS!

Learn more about this Faroe Islands tour here.

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