ICEHOTEL 365 Art Suites

Travel this winter and experience ICEHOTEL 365!

Wondering what some of the unique designs awaiting those checking into the ICEHOTEL 365 which is located in the village of Jukkasjärvi, near Kiruna in Swedish Lapland, look like?

During winter, the hotel will be covered in a blanket of snow, but during the summer it will be kept cool by solar power warmed from the midnight sun, covered with a turf roof and planted with Arctic flowers.

As well as featuring a champagne-themed ICEBAR and a unique frozen art gallery, the new hotel will feature 20 suites - each designed and carved by international artists.

Examples of how the suites look at the ICEHOTEL


Dancers in the Dark suite by artists Tjasa Gusfors & Patrick Dallard, Photo Asaf Kliger


Art Suite 365 – Oh Deer. Ulrika Tallving & Carl Wellander, Photo Asaf Kliger


Deluxe Suite 365 – Don't Get Lost suite by artist Tommy Alatalo, Photo Asaf Kliger


Deluxe Suite 365 – Once Upon a Time suite by artists Luc Voisin & Mathieu Brison, Photo Asaf Kliger


Deluxe Suite 365 – Wishful Thinking. Design Marjolein Vonk & Maurizio Perron, Photo Asaf Kliger

Facilities in the 365 Deluxe Suites 365

Nine deluxe suites will also have a heated en-suite bathroom (four with bathtubs), private sauna and warm changing area adjacent to the ice bedroom. This gives you the chance to combine the adventure of sleeping on ice with the luxury of warm private bathroom facilities.

Activities at ICEHOTEL 365

Activities are offered all year round, from Northern Lights safaris on horseback, husky safaris, snowmobiling, winter survival courses and ice sculpting in winter to wilderness dinners, white water rafting, ziplining, paddle boarding and hiking under the Midnight Sun in summer.


Dogsledding on River Torne, Photo Asaf Kliger

Zip line in ICEHOTEL

Zip lining across the Swedish forests during a summer stay at ICEHOTEL 365, Photo Markus Alatalo

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